Saturday, May 24, 2008

Barack's Failed Policies of the Past

George Santayana once said "Those that can not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." In an election cycle that requires candidates to promise change that is exactly what Barack Obama has done. Barack has made eloquent speeches regarding change without detailing what that change entails. However, the longer this campaign continues the more details that surface and the more it seems that Barack "the messenger of change" is nothing more than a recycler of the past.

In a recent you tube video Obama details plans for gutting the United States military. Obama will cut waste Defense spending. Obama will curtail investment in our military. Obama will no longer fund future combat systems. The rhetoric sounds great to the "peace at any cost" crowds but the policies have failed in the past and will fail in the future. The failed presidency of Jimmy Carter also implemented policies of appeasement and gutting the military. The results of which left our country vulnerable to attacks by even the smallest of threats.

Last week Obama claimed that Iran was such a little threat that there was no need for concern. We need not carry a big stick because Iran was not a serious threat to US national security. Thirty years ago Jimmy Carter did not think Iran posed a serious threat. Jimmy Carter had already dismantled the military by 1979 and had negotiated away our strengths with the USSR. When the Iranians took 52 Americans hostage America was unable to secure the release of these hostages. It took 444 days and a change in the Presidency before these hostages were released. The military with Jimmy Carter as Commander in Chief attempted an ill fated mission to secure the release but alas it was not to be due to the inability of the gutted and weakened America military.

I understand that Obama was probably in puppy love at the time. His youthful exuberance of the time probably means that he did not understand the failed policies of a failed presidency. But I would think Barack would have had plenty of time to learn this valuable lesson in history. Appeasement does not work and gutting our military will only leave us in a weakened National Security position.

I find it difficult to believe that a post 9/11 presidential candidate believes America will be able to enter into unconditional talks with Iran. I find it difficult to believe that a post 9/11 presidential candidate would consider dismantling Americas military might and leave us in a weakened position unable to defend our citizens and protect our homeland.

The return to these failed policies will leave us open to future terrorist attacks. The terrorists will attack America again it is only a matter of time. Do we really want a President that will hand over the keys? Do we really want a President that would rather stick is head in the sand than provide tough talk backed up with a strong military? I would much rather have peace through strength rather than peace at any costs. Obama needs to read up on his history. Obama needs to brush up on his foreign policy. The Islamist fundamentalists will not be happy until everyone is practicing Islam. An Obama presidency will only embolden our sworn enemies. With an Obama presidency America will only be in a position to concede ground. We will give up our freedoms in order to appease the fundamentalists. Obama please grow up and go away. Your change is nothing more than a return to proven failed policies.

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