Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Appeasement Flap Continues

Barack Obama has continued his false outrage and raised the rhetoric in the appeasement flap. Obama scheduled a press conference yesterday in effort to appear strong. Obama attempted to defend himself against an accusation of appeasement directed at the those that prefer the ostrich syndrome when dealing with rogue states and terrorists. The problem is the false outrage says the accusation of appeasement is a "false political attack" and fear mongering and never explains why the accusation is false.

First of all the accusation is not false. That is why Obama can not claim what was said is a lie. That is why the media is not burying the subject. It was Obama who said he would meet unconditionally with Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Both of these rogue leaders have direct ties to terrorists. Ahmadinejad has said our friend and ally should be wiped out of existence. Ahmadinejad provides funding and training to terror groups that undermine the security of Americans. Ahmadinejad supports Hamas and Hezbollah and is developing nuclear technology. Chavez has supported the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC). The FARC is a terrorist organization. Chavez almost declared war on Columbia when the Columbians attacked FARC terror base in Ecuador. Interpol has declared the computer files found in the base demonstrated the support Chavez provides the FARC terror network. Obama's own church wants to appease Al Quiada. Reverend Wright says "the chickens have come home to roost" insinuating 9/11 was America's fault.

Second Obama does not defend his words and in fact denies the words he stated on National television. Millions of Americans including myself heard Obama say he would have unconditional talks with Iran and Venezuela. He defended his position at the time by saying talking to the rogue states was the proper steps. Hillary jumped on the statement made by Obama and called the statement naive. Now Obama attempt to deny he made this statement and denies he has changed his position to adding pre-conditions to his talks. His response to Bush attacked McCain directly. Even though Bush never attacked Obama he just attacked the appeasement philosophy, Obama took the comment personal and launched a false political attack on McCain. Typical of all politicians. Can't defend your position attack the messenger or the opponent.

Appeasement has never worked. The French and British tried this with Hitler. When Hitler went into Poland in 1939 they tried to talk to Hitler without preconditions. Hitler assured the French and the British that he would go no further. The French and British believed the Germans and everyone knows what happened next. Kennedy and Johnson tried to appease the North Vietnamese. We negotiated rules of engagement that tied the hands of our military. We could not attack the infrastructure of the North Vietnamese because of unconditional talks. We negotiated ourselves into only being "advisors and trainers". The horrible mistake of appeasement got America into a conflict we could not win. Our appeasement strategy in Vietnam strengthened the resolve of the North Vietnamese rather than strengthen our position. Carter again tried the policy of appeasement with the Soviets and Iran. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan all we did was slap the Soviets on the wrist. We had already negotiated away our military power. The was nothing left to our military to back up our words. Instead of being able to do some saber rattling all we could do was unilaterally enact a grain embargo that only further hurt American economy and boycott the Olympics which only caused the Soviets to boycott our Olympics four years later. Iran was another story. Due to the weakness of American foreign appeasement policy the Iranians held 53 American diplomats hostage for 444 days. It was not until the tough talking Reagan took office that the hostages were released. Reagan backed up his tough talk with actions. The Soviets, Iranians, Libyans and others all knew America was determined to use military power as an option. There would be no unconditional talks only ultimatums. Again the policy of appeasement failed in the 1990s. Milosevic would not listen. We had the Dayton Peace Accords, we held talks in Belgrade and yet the atrocities continued. The ethnic cleansing continued until we projected our military power and entered into the Balkans. Iraq never believed we would use military power. We appeased Saddam throughout the 1990's. Saddam played the game of chicken with the US because he truly believed America had a policy of appeasement and containment. Under a Clinton administration that was our policy. Saddam believed he could do whatever he wanted because America was all talk and no action. We all know what mess we have today because of our past practices of appeasement and use of the "Ostrich Syndrome". It never works. We must continue to use tough talk and back it up with action.

Obama attacked McCain as being a third Bush term. Obama says McCain would follow the same Bush "Cowboy Diplomacy". I say that is not accurate. McCain will follow the Reagan philosophy of peace through strength rather than the Carter philosophy of peace at all costs that Obama would follow. I really hope Obama mets McCain in a debate on this issue. Obama would be shown as the man full of empty rhetoric. Obama wants us to listen to his words. Americans are mesmerized by his eloquent speeches. Does anyone really believe the Rogue States and terrorists will be so gullible? Time and again Democrats have attempted turn the other cheek diplomacy. Time and again they left America weak and vulnerable.

Obama and the Democrats say they will restore respect for America. I ask who do they want to respect us? The liberal left would have America believe that respect is equated being likability. Many countries dislike that America talks tough and carry a big stick. But that does not mean they do not respect us. These countries that do not necessarily like our methods still respect us and our ideals. I can only assume that the democratic philosophy of appeasement and the Ostrich syndrome is because they mistakenly equate being liked with respect. They want the Iranians to like us. They want the Venezuelans to like us. They want the Cubans to like us. Unfortunately, the rogue states and terrorists will take that as a sign of weakness to further their resolve to take what is not theirs.

The appeasement speech by Bush hit a nerve. The Democrats know they are weak and that their philosophy has never worked. Weak resolve gets world leaders in trouble. If we do not stay strong in the middle east we will be severely weakened and have to return to clean the appeasement up in the future. Obama needs to grow up and understand that America is strong because of Military force projection and not in spite of it. We need to use diplomacy but we need to back our diplomacy up with action and not words.

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