Sunday, April 20, 2008

Will The Real Obama Please Step Forward

Barack Obama would like for Americans to believe his words. "Words do Matter" according to Obama. Barack is a very eloquent speaker that can rally any crowd. Barack is able to get the attention of any audience. His words seem to be spoken from the heart and he speaks of change and hope for America. The problem is that his words do not match his actions. Do actions speak louder than words?

Obama refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He blames everyone or anything else for his past actions that go against his present words. Obama does not want to take responsibility for the words of others even though it was he that decided to listen.

Barack has been tied to the Joyce foundation. This foundation provides grants aimed at denying Americans the right to bear arms. This is not just a casual tie with an organization that is against the individual right to bear arms. Obama was a board member that is responsible doling out the grants. In fact while Obama was a board member the foundation issued 2.7 million dollars in grants for organizations to study and advocate denial of the individual right to bear arms. Of course Obama has backtracked and says that he is for the constitutional right to bear arms but his actions speak different. Obama would like us to follow his words rather than his actions. I wonder if that is because he really talks around the issue. He says he is for the individual right but he is also for limiting that right with outright bans on handguns.

This issue came up in a fund raiser in California. At the fund raiser Obama says the problem he is having connecting with small town America is due to the small town Americans clinging to guns and religion out of bitterness. Obama backtracked on his actions at the fund raiser and says his words were poorly chosen.

Barack has also backtracked from his notes on a questionnaire regarding his beliefs on gun control. He blames a staffer for incorrectly filling the questionnaire out even though his own handwritten notes are on the document. Again Obama would like us to listen to his empty rhetoric rather than his own actions.

Barack attended a church for twenty years. The sermons spewed anti American hatred. The reverend also provided colorful sermons with racist undertones. The reverend blamed "white America" for the ills of his parishioners. Obama does not want to be held accountable for the words of the reverend but his actions say he liked what he heard.

Obama wined and dined with known terrorists. His connection with William Ayers is not just a casual relationship. He attended formal dinners and accepted funds from Ayers. Obama would rather not be held accountable for his relationships with known criminals. He would rather say listen to his words. He denounces terrorism and anti American rhetoric. Who cares about his actions that say he is more than comfortable socializing with corrupt criminal elements.

Nothing is ever Obama's fault. He says words matter and we need to listen to his. Obama speaks of hope and change. Two very empty words for hope is not a strategy. Obama wants us to listen to his empty rhetoric because if he had to lay out a strategy he would be unelectable.

America desires a change. Most believe we are on the wrong track or that we derailed somewhere. It is easy to fall for Obama because he promises change. However, until the real Obama steps forward we all should be very leery. Are we to believe Obama's words or his actions? Until Obama lays out a plan and strategy we should be extremely careful because if his actions mean anything they mean we will be in for a change that America does not need.

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