Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jimmy Carter: Part Time Statesman - Full Time Fool

We should all thank Jimmy Carter for his untiring efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts. Mr. Carter has traveled all over the world since leaving office, embracing dictators and terrorists who have little or no regard for human life, and somehow always finding a way to put down the United States in the process.

Now the Nobel Peace Prize winner is planning a trip to Syria so he can sit down with the exiled leader of Hamas, one of the most blood -thirsty terrorist organizations on earth. The organization that produces children’s television shows depicting the murders of George Bush and even Mickey Mouse. The organization responsible for the cold- blooded murder of 9 people at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem last month. Carter requested the meeting with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of Hamas who runs the organization from Damascus.

What can Carter hope to accomplish by this visit? Who knows? The man is like Madonna, every time she feels the need for attention, she adopts another child from Africa. When Carter feels forgotten, he jets down to Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea, adopts a dictator and badmouths the US. But Chavez has been brought down a few pegs, Castro is sick or dead, and Kim Jong-Il is getting his hair done. So Carter dug through his terrorist Rolodex to see which of his buddies was free for a week or so. For Carter it’s really all about making Bush and the US look as evil as possible in the eyes of the world and remind people that he’s still alive.

The former president surely realizes that a meeting with someone of his stature will provide Hamas with a huge amount of credibility within the Arab world, especially due to the fact that Carter requested the visit. Meeting with Meshal provides Carter the opportunity to denigrate both Israel and the United States in one short trip, a win-win for Jimmy and the murderous Meshal, who no doubt sees this as a propaganda coup of unimaginable proportions.

I hope Barack Obama is watching this unfold. Early in his campaign he stated that as president he would be willing to sit down and talk with the leaders of terrorist nations. Hopefully as Obama gains political maturity he will realize that appeasing terrorism only benefits the terrorists. Groups such as Hamas view discussion as a show of weakness and proof that their tactics are working.

Carter began making a fool of himself in front of the world back in 1977, so this latest misadventure is no real surprise. But Obama can learn from a man who like himself, was a political neophyte when he first ran for president. A man who ran on the promise of change and hope… a man who faltered when faced with the realities of Islamic fanaticism, and has never recovered.

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