Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hillary’s Latest Lie

You would think that after all the uproar caused by Hillary’s Bosnian sniper story, she would be more careful about what she said in public, and be especially careful not to tell any more stories that might be proven to be outright lies. But not Hillary, once again displaying that old Clinton hubris, she has been caught again telling lies in an attempt to revive her [very slim] chances at gaining the nomination, and inadvertently reminding a lot of people why they don’t want another Clinton anywhere near the White House.

Hillary’s latest tale of fiction is about a young pregnant woman with no health insurance, who [according to Clinton] was refused health care, lost her baby and later died, because she could not come up with the $100.00 co-payment. Clinton tells this story to horrify her audience and of course press the need for her brand of universal health care.

The woman Hillary refers to is real. She lived in Ohio and did in fact lose her child two weeks before her own death. That’s about the only truthful part of Hillary’s story. The woman, Trina Bachtel, actually had health insurance and was never turned down for care. The truth however is not sordid or tragic enough to suit Hillary’s needs. The honesty challenged Clinton will no doubt tell us that she heard it from someone else and accepted it as truth. Now that the hospital involved has come forward with facts, we’ll see if Hillary drops this newest piece of fiction from her speeches, or just plods ahead going on her long standing assumption that the voters are stupid, and she can do or say anything she wants because her last name is Clinton.

She currently trails Obama in both the popular vote and delegates…obviously the voters are not as stupid as Hillary believes.


Clinton’s campaign has reported that Hillary will no longer be using this story in her campaign speeches. Clinton reps claim that Hillary was told the story while campaigning in Ohio and the campaign never checked the story for accuracy. Hillary was merely regurgitating what she was told.Husband Bill denies having sexual relations with any woman in Ohio during this particular campaign.

How cruel it must seem to Hillary that her once beloved liberal media have found a new darling and have now turned a skeptical eye toward her.Where's Dan Rather when you need him?

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