Friday, April 18, 2008

Childish Antics

The eloquent one has shown his true colors. The one that speaks of "The Audacity of Hope" is tremendous at rousing a crowd with empty rhetoric but fails when it comes to substance. Barack looked woefully inept during this weeks debate in Pennsylvania. Now he criticizes the debates and refused to be involved in any more.

Barack reminds me of the child that can not have their own way. He is the spoiled kid with all the toys (in this case delegates). He has now decided that because he couldn't have his own way he wants to take his toys and go home. Barack has the audacity to believe Americans do not care about character. Barack has the audacity to believe Americans are shallow and only vote for trivial constitutional rights because our government does not redistribute income. In Obama's words Americans cling to guns and religion because they are bitter because they do not have the wealth of our great country distributed to the communes.

Barack has complained vociferously over it taking 45 minutes for the debate moderators to ask one question that matters to Americans. Does Obama take our constitution so lightly that when asked to clarify his comments about small town America being bitter and clinging to guns and religion that he dismisses this question as unimportant? Does Obama believe that character means so little that his ties to terrorists organizations (weather underground) should go unnoticed? Does Obama believe that his questionable dealing with Rezco and Auchi are details we as Americans should not be entitled to know about our potential Presidential candidates? All this in 45 minutes and Little Barry missed it just like the hate filled sermons by Reverend Wright.

Obama speaks with a forked tongue. He speaks of change and hope. Yet he does not present a picture of his vision for either. When he gets unanticipated questions in a debate his vision becomes clear. He wishes for the wealth of the country to be redistributed. This is the same marxist garbage that the soviets tried. Remember the greatest socialist empire of all time failed due to the marxist ideals. The lack of competition made a society weak and complacent. After all why should an individual try to excel when at the end of the day they get the same thing as the bum that does nothing. Socialism steals the human spirit. Baracks ideal of tax the wealthy to give to the poor is nothing more than a fancy way of saying redistribute the wealth. No one should have more than another. We are just one big communal collective.

Obama believes the actions of others should not be a reflection of him. It should not matter that his self proclaimed spiritual advisor is an anti-American racist. It should not matter that a major associate plotted against America and conspired with other terrorists to destroy America's infrastructure. It should not matter that one of Obama's biggest fans is a shady land dealer that is currently on trial for fraud. These are the associates of Barack Obama. There has to be some reason Barack was attracted these characters.

No, Obama believes he should be getting a free ride. Afterall, he speaks eloquently and rouses crowds with his empty rhetoric. Obama believes his rhetoric should carry him to the Presidency. We as Americans are supposed to fall for his marxist visions. Now because of his dismal performance in a debate he wants to take his toys and go home.

His childish antics were raised to new levels yesterday. He got the sheepish little boy grin and ever so innocently slipped the bird to Hillary. He looked like an idiot but yet thought it was funny. Little Barry has decided that he can afford alienate anyone that does not blindly follow him. He does not need small town America. He does not care about Americans that believe in our constitutional rights. Baracks only care is for the few that believe marxism is a great idea. Barack keeps his spin and rhetoric above the heads and he believes Americans are blind followers that will fall for his rhetoric.

Do we really need a President that resorts to childish antics when pressed. Does Obama believe the worlds dictators will back down when he flips them off in his school boy methodology? America we can do better. Obama is not the one. He is an empty shell full of himself. Maybe Barack should come back in 50-60 years after he grows up.

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