Monday, April 7, 2008

Burning Both Ends of the Candle

Barack Obama says words matter. Obama has no record to speak of so he would like us to listen to his words and make an informed decision. Most Americans are more than ready to at least listen to his words. Obama speaks of hope and change. Most Americans believe we are on the wrong track. Many believe America has derailed somewhere. Hope and change are in the hearts and minds of the electorate. So, we as Americans listen to Obama and try to find something we can believe in. However, Obama is burning the candle from both ends.

On the one hand Obama says he could not disown his spiritual advisor. He provided a well received speech on the racial issues in America. Obama defended his pastor while throwing his Grandma under the bus. America was willing to give Obama a pass on the issue until Obama tried to burn the candle from the other end. After the political winds died down a little Obama tried to apease the moderates by saying had the reverend not retired and had not apologized (although no one can find any such apology) he would have turned his back on the church. If words do matter which set of words are the truth. Those words defending the reverend or those words condemning the pastor?

The issue of NAFTA is also a case where Obama burned both ends of the candle. On the campaign trail Obama says NAFTA has been a disaster. He was against NAFTA all along. We need to unilaterally back out of our trade deal or at least renegotiate. Obama says this in order to appease the labor unions whose members fear losing their jobs to outsourcing. On the other hand Obama has his aides and influential campaign staffers enter into a dialog with the Canadians and tells them not to worry. The staffers inform the Canadians that the talk of reneging on the trade agreement is campaign rhetoric. The Canadians are told not to worry Obama is going to say a lot of things on the campaign trail that are simply not really going to happen. Obama just needs to use the campaign rhetoric for ammunition. So Obama if words mean so much what are you for? Are you really against NAFTA or not. America has a right to know where it is you stand on the issues. An informed voter needs to know if your words really matter. Again Obama is burning the candle from both ends. Obama's words in this case mean he is either duping a foreign govenrment or lying to the American public.

Another example of talking from both sides of the mouth is the issue on questionnaires Obama filled out in order to receive certain endorsements. On the one hand Obama's written words say his view on abortion and gun control are so far left Carl Marx would be proud. On the other hand Obama claims he did not fill out the questionnaire. It seems a staffer filled out the questionnaire and these are not really his views. Obama says these forms were filled out in haste only to gain an endorsement. We as Americans are supposed to believe Obamas words. But which are the true views? The ones that show a past record or the ones today? We already know from the previous examples that Obama will speak from both sides of his mouth. We do not really know where Obama stands because his words are sending mixed signals.

Finally, Obama has yet another example of burning the candle from both ends. Obama continously claims he has been a critic of the war. He was against it from the start. He has been on the liberal left bandwagon condemning the war. Obama has said we need to immediately withdraw from Iraq. Obama claims only he will get our troops out of Iraq within days or months of being sworn in. However, a key adviser in Obamas campaign is now saying behind the scenes that Obama is going to keep 60,000 to 80,000 troops in Iraq for years to come. The troops would be sitting ducks of course because there would not be any combat troops to protect them. What great plans Obama has. On one hand he says an immediate withdrawal. Under this option we would abandon our responsibilities and give control of Iraq to the extremists only to have to return in the future to clean the mess up. Or we can leave 60,000 to 80,000 troops in the country to act as sitting ducks. But which set of words it the truth? Is Obama for a quick and painful withdrawal and defeat or is he for a long drawn out withdrawal spilling more American blood for an ill conceived plan?

Obama is right; words do matter. To many Americans their word is their honor. Most Americans keep their word and go to extreme lengths to ensure their word is honored. Obama has a habit of speaking out of both sides of his mouth and burning the candle from both ends. Many political pundits have passed this doublespeak off as being a political campaign. The words are rhetoric and all politicians lie. But Obama is supposed to be a different candidate. He wants to change America. He wants to end corruption and clean up Washington style politics. The problem is that Obama is a typical politician. Obama campaigns as being a different type candidate but what we get is the same old lies. Obama worse than most politicians. Most politicians know they are telling lies. Obama believes he tells no lies. Obama is burning the candle from both ends. It is only a matter of time before the media has to report on the many two faced comments Obama has made. They owe it to Americans because words really do matter.


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