Friday, March 28, 2008

Wright and Obama: A View We Do Not Need

Today Barack Obama did his best impersonating Bill Clinton. Obama visited the view where everyone fawned over him. When a question arose concerning Baracks pastor, he changed his story and threw in new untruths.

First Obama says if it were not for Reverend Wright retiring he would have considered leaving his church. This is a far cry from Baracks original statements. At First, Barack denied ever hearing divisive, racist, and controversial comments. He downplayed the his relationship with the reverend and said he saw no reason to leave the church. A few days later as the controversy mounted Barack changed his story. As it became apparent that perhaps Obama was in attendance for at least a few sermons with racial anti-white/ anti-American undertones, Barack decided it was time to spin a speech speaking of the racial divide and saying he could not disown the reverend but yes he now did recall at least being present during some controversial sermons. He called the pastor his religious confidant and mentor. Again he denied hearing the controversial sermons but now admitted that he heard some comments he disagreed with. Now today, he yet again changed his story. Today Obama claims he would have quit the church if Wright had not retired or apologized for his controversial comments. Obama now is claiming to have only heard of "some" of the controversial comments. First it is an untruth that Wright apologized for his comments. Wright believes these comments and sermons to be true. Obama claims Wright is brilliant. Obama claims the only real problem with Wright is "he was stuck in a time warp". How could a brilliant man not see the changes we have made in crossing the racial divide? How can a brilliant man make outrageous claims that Aids was developed by the US to commit genocide against Blacks and Arabs? How could a brilliant man equate white America with Apartheid? No Mr. Obama, the reverend is an influential bigot. He preyed on the members of his own race for personal gain. He has never apologized and is part of the problem with race relations in America today. His hatred of his fellow Americans and his country are apparent in his sermons. In fact the Audacity of Hope sermon that Barack titled his book after contained anti-white rhetoric. This sermon is the first sermon Barack ever heard and moved him to tears. Yet this is the type of sermons that anger Americans. This sermon contained anti-white language. Barack should have known then that this reverend was bad news. Yet Barack stayed with the church. He attended more of the offensive sermons. In fact Obama attended thiese sermons for twenty years. Now Barack would have us believe that after twenty years of hearing anti-American untruths he would have left the church if the reverend did not retire. Who is Barack trying to fool?

Barack is desperately trying to defuse this controversy. He is following the Bill Clinton Rules. First deny all. As the controversy moves along let out that perhaps there is some truth to the controversy but still deny the most serious parts. When the polls look like the storm has passed let out some more information admitting a little more. In this fashion the truth will slowly come out and the controversy will burn itself out before serious damage is inflicted.

Many Barack supporters say we need to listen to his words. Words mean something they say. I am in agreement and words do matter. In this case Obama keeps changing his words to deceive the America public. I do not believe Barack could have listened to these sermons for twenty years without at least agreeing with most of the views. No one would continue attending a church they disagreed with even if the church did good things for the community. If a person disagrees with the views of a religious leader a normal person would seek out a church preaching views more in line with their own. Obama you must come clean. Your half truths and lack of judgment are shining through.

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