Monday, March 24, 2008

Light'em Up

The 110th Congress has not been able to pass much legislation over the last 15 months. The Democrat led congress was able to get a minimum wage bill passed but little else in a contentious first 15 months. Other than a minimum wage hike they were able to pass a budget with $22 Billion of ear marks attached. This do nothing Congress has proven itself very adept at spending our money. They have been too busy running for the next election to do much else. The Democrats came in promising immediate withdrawal from Iraq, health care for all, stem cell research, more jobs, and economic gains for all.

What happened when they took office? The Democratic Leadership undermined our national security by allowing the Speaker of the House to go on a foreign policy trip against the policy of the US. They allowed the Senate Majority Leader to demand an immediate withdrawal and proclaim "the war is lost". They initiated frivolous investigations that have led to nothing under the guise of oversight. Finally, they allowed the House Energy and Commerce committee to suggest some of the roughest tax increases this country has ever seen. John Dingell will propose a .50 cent a gallon tax on gasoline. The gasoline tax is one of the most regressive taxes ever thought of. This regressive tax places a greater portion of the burden on lower and middle class taxpayers than it does on the upper income earners. In addition to the tax increase for gasoline the Democrat leadership is going to let the Bush tax cuts elapse to pay for a socialized health care system. I guess that is why another democrat is proposing legalization (decriminalization) of marijuana. The Democrats must want the America people to be under the influence and in a haze so that they can permanently enact all of their tax increases under a cloud.

This country is currently facing some serious issues related to national security and the economy. But all the democrats can think of doing is legalizing marijuana. No other issue is pressing I guess. Everything must be peachy when we can afford to have our politicians proposing legislation dealing with marijuana. What a great debate.

Barney Frank: I see nothing wrong with a little pot.
American People: But we have no house to live in.
Barney Frank: Light'em up you'll feel better.
American People: But the terrorists are targeting our way of life.
Barney Frank: Smoke some more and you'll never notice
American People: But our bridges are failing
Barney Frank: While you were lightin up we increased gasoline taxes and you can longer afford to use the bridges.
American People: But you'll provide us health care?
Barney Frank: Why? You all are destroying your health anyway.

I can not believe that while we as Americans are working hard to provide the next generation with the opportunity to live the American Dream our politicians are setting up to debate a regressive tax and decriminalization of marijuana. The Democratic Leadership will have the American people believe that there is nothing more important going on that we should be debating pot. I have no problem with debating such things. But should we really be doing this debate when we are a country at war? Should we be debating this when our country is headed for a recession? Should we be debating this when many American families are facing foreclosures? Should we be debating this when our financial institutions are falling apart?

As Americans we must wake up. These career politicians are destroying our country. Vote out every incumbent or we will all be lighting up.

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