Sunday, March 2, 2008

Independents Will Rule 2008

2008 was shaping up to be another disastrous defeat for the Republican Party. A majority of Americans have repudiated the Bush administration and are seeking a change in direction. Americans believe the government has failed the people and believe the country is on the wrong track. It is no wonder a political new comer is drawing so much interest even though Barack has very little experience and even less substance behind his rhetoric for change. America indeed is searching for a new direction and early last year it looked to be a money maker betting on the Democratic Party.

One grueling year later the look is not so clear. The Democrat controlled 110th Congress has been left impotent. They were unable to force a withdrawal from Iraq. Their rhetoric of a war lost in the oil fields of Iraq have fallen on deaf ears as progress has been made in restoring order in the war ravaged country. The promised reforms on ear mark legislation was left in the dust as Congressman Jack Murtha was able to take home the most pork. The promised transparency was held at bay because the sheer number of earmarks for the most influential members of Congress was too much to list the pork recipients by name. The promise of having the most ethical Congress in history was sidetracked and derailed. The ethics reform with real teeth that passed the Senate had to be watered down and tamed to pass the house. The teeth in the legislation had to be reduced in order to pass an unruly House that is business as usual and as unethical as ever.

The turmoil in our government has made the ranks of the independent voter swell. People are more and more affiliating with the independents rather than the Democratic or Republican Party's. Party affiliation is reaching all time lows at a time when the country needs to change its course. Americans are very dissatisfied with the two Party system. The Republicans are having a hard time rallying around John McCain the presumptive nominee and the Democrats are on the verge of fracturing. Hillary will not go down without a fight and it all but certain that neither Hillary or Obama can win the Democratic nomination outright without the help of super delegates. Tuesday will tell us if Democrats will nominate Hillary, Obama, or fracture as the two start fighting for super delegates. If Hillary wins in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island she will have stopped the Obama rhetoric machine. Winning these three states would throw the nomination to the super delegates as most assuredly neith candidate could win the nomination without the super delegates. If Obama can win in Vermont and in Texas or Ohio he will hold off Hillary and his empty promise of hope will win the nomination.

Winning the nomination will not make Obama the winner in November. Obama will have to add some substance to his promise of hope for hope is not a strategy. Thus far, Obama's voting record in the Senate makes him the most liberal Democrat in Washington. Obama has never seen a government program he has not liked. He has never seen a free market system he was in favor of. He has never seen a tax he disliked. There is no doubt America would move far to the left if Obama is elected.

America has spoken and it is clear we need a change of direction. I do not think we are ready to move that far to the left. Obama will move the country from one extreme to the other. America is a moderate country controlled by the middle. America holds extremists in both parties in disdain. John McCain may appeal to independent voters but he is still a Republican. For the last 7 years, the MSM, the democratic Party, and liberal activists have done nothing but show hatred and contempt for the Bush administration. It is difficult to see America coming together and united behind any of the three possible contenders from the two top political parties.

Independents have a unique opportunity to rally behind a truly independent candidate. No one has stood up and attempted to take the independent mantle. This leaves yet again with having to vote for the lesser of two evils. America desperately needs a strong independent candidacy. This is the year of the independent. We need someone to run that is able to unite the middle and return the government back to the people.

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