Sunday, March 23, 2008

Freedom Demands Responsibility

America is country that was founded on freedom. We cherish our individual freedom and our right of the individual is unmatched by any other nation. Our founders laid out a constitution and amended it 10 times with our bill of rights. These first ten amendments are mostly individual rights and all of them are aimed at our individual freedoms. Individual rights are the basis of our country but it comes with a cost and that cost is represented by the liberal left and the Democratic Party.

Anytime an individual has rights they inherently have responsibilities. We have a right to worship as we see fit. However, individuals have to take responsibility for their actions. We have a right to bear arms but again we have to take responsibility for our actions. An individual right requires individual responsibility. It takes an individual to take responsibility not a village.

The Democratic Party worships victims and takes away the individual responsibility and places that responsibility in the hands of society. It is not the fault of the less educated factory worker that American Corporations closed down plants and moved out of the country. It is not the fault of the individual who murders but rather the gun itself. It is not the individual’s fault that the price of gasoline is so high but rather the greed of corporations. It is not the individual borrower’s fault they are being foreclosed on but rather the fault of the financial system and the government. To a liberal the individual is not held responsible. The individual can over indulge and take advantage of the system but when it comes time to take responsibility for our individual choices these same individuals claim victim status and refuse to take responsibility.

The labor unions came in and did great things improving working conditions and establishing fair compensation. But they went too far. They made demand after demand. Individuals decided to back the union and made the choice to strike rather than find the middle ground. Individuals indulged in the benefits provided by the collective. Now that our manufacturing plants are shutting down and using more foreign labor these same individuals are crying foul. These individuals demanded wages and compensation for unskilled assembly line workers that made our manufacturing base inefficient. We were unable to sell our high priced products. In an effort to reduce costs corporations made steep cuts in quality. They cut corners all the while laborers demanded more compensation. Now that our inefficiencies are so high the corporations are moving to foreign areas that have far less compensation costs and higher efficiencies. To the liberals this is due to the greed of corporations rather than the greed of the laborer. The labor unions and the Democrats have such a shallow view of the complicities in business that they rail against free trade. The laborers priced themselves above the means of the businesses and the businesses had to move or go bankrupt. These unskilled and less educated laborers refuse to change with the demands of the society. Many corporations offer training and education packages to improve the possibility of the laborer to attain other employment. However, many of the laborers are satisfied with the status quo and find it easier to cry foul and claim victimization then it is to improve their own individual marketability.

In our country we enjoy individual freedoms that no other country provides its citizens. What the liberals in our country must understand is that with all of these freedoms there is an inherent demand of individual responsibility. It takes an individual to take responsibility not a village. The basic building block is the individual and successful realization of the American dream is built from the bottom up. It is not forced from the top down. If everyone took responsibility for their own actions and choices the village by default would be responsible. We need to stop blaming society as a whole for our problems and place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the irresponsible individuals.

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