Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birds of a Feather

There are a lot of sayings out there that describe human behavior and the types of people we each surround ourselves with. One such saying is "birds of a feather flock together". I believe the people we surround ourselves with are often very similar. We need to have something in common or we will not be able to get along. This being said I believe a closer look at Barack Obama is in Order.

One of Obama's friends is Tony Rezco. Rezco is on trial right now for fraud. Rezco has had many questionable land deals. Right now he is defending against charges of schemeing to split a cool million dollars in return for authorizing the construction of a hospital. Rezco also made a shady deal with Obama on adjoining property that made Obama's house worth more than it should have originally been worth. Rezco was a major campaign contributor to Obama. There is no doubt Rezco was an insider of the Obama inner circle. Obama claims that he made mistakes and was naive when dealing with Rezco. The dealings Obama had with Rezco definitely does not say much about Mr. Obama's judgment. But it does say a lot about Obama's character. Political payoffs and governmental corruption in Chicago go hand in hand and it appears as if Mr. Obama is not immune to political corruption.

Another person Obama has surrounded is his wife Michelle Obama. Michelle said this was the first time she has ever been proud of her country. This comment alone is an overt racist comment. The only time Michelle could be proud was when her husband became a serious contender for the democratic nomination. She was not proud of her country when we banded together as a nation to heal as a nation after 9/11. She was not proud of our nation when we worked together to bring down the iron curtain. She was not proud of our nation when we came together and supported peace in the Balkans. No Michelle was never proud of her country until America showed a willingness to vote for a serious African American contender. Her comment goes to show just how racist her views are. I guess Barack did not know just how racist his wife's views really were or are.

Finally, Barack has surrounded himself with a controversial religious leader. Jeremiah Wright Jr. often has racially charged sermons. Obama has attended his sermons for 20 years. Obama claims to never had heard any of Wright's racial rants. He never heard Wright claim America invented AIDs to commit genocide. He never heard Wright make wild and ridiculous conspiracy claims. No Obama says he would have walked out if he heard such nonsense. I guess Obama must have been sleeping in church. Sure Obama condemns the hate speech that spews from the Reverends mouth. But he will not condemn the ministry of Mr. Wright.

Obama has "urged Americans not to reject his presidential campaign because of guilt by association". Obama has refused to spell out what his relationship with Rezco really was. Mr Obama has refused to rebuke the racial comments his own wife makes. Obama refuses to condemn a racist reverend. But he would like us to forget that these are his friends. These are his spiritual guiding lights. Obama would follow these types of individuals. Obama claims ignorance. He claims he did not know or makes statements that he misjudged. He says he was inexperienced. Is this what America needs for a President? This is a man that has surrounded himself with racists, criminals, and other corrupt political cronies.

Obama gives inspiring speeches with little details. We as a country must look at the candidates and dig for the details. When a candidate refuses to provide these details we must look at the persons friends, advisers, and associates. In the case of Obama his associates are criminals, liars, and cheats.

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