Monday, February 4, 2008

Where's the Kleenex?

Hillary is at it again. Her lead in the national polls show her lead slipping away. Barack is again on the verge of upstaging Hillary and taking the Democratic Party nomination. What is her response? The same as it was a couple of weeks ago after her embarrassing third place finish in Iowa and just before a New Hampshire shocker. Today while at the Yale Child Study Center she started to cry. I assume this must be the way Hillary intends on capturing the nomination. Whenever she is uncomfortable with her perceived inevitable nominee status she breaks down and shows emotion.

This strikes me as rather contrived. Sure some people may accept her behavior as a normal human emotion. Some would say she is showing her strength by allowing her emotions to show. Some people will undoubtedly fall for her contrived emotion. We have to analyze facts in order to conclude her emotion is untrue. Hillary has been around Washington DC for years. Her life has been dissected and spread to the world. Her cheating husband was caught lying under oath. Her husband was impeached. She was continuously attacked by the right wing conspiracy. Her socialized health care initiative in the mid 1990's was destroyed. Did she "tear up" during these very emotional events? No! All Hillary did was accept these emotional train wreaks and drive on hollering and screaming that the world was conspiring against her. Her ego would not allow her to succumb to emotion. She had to be strong in order to feed her ego.

Now however, Hillary has seen that she can get sympathy votes by shedding a few tears. Americans will always come to the aid of a victim. All Hillary has to do is make it appear as if she has emotions and is somehow the victim of some perceived mischief. In this election cycle every time the all boys club gets close enough to snatch victory Hillary has shown a penchant for tearing up and crying.

Is this the quality of a leader. When the going gets tough do we want the President to fight or take flight? In time of need would Hillary have the intestinal fortitude to do what was necessary? I for one do not mind a little emotion. I just believe the tears have to be real.

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