Friday, February 1, 2008

What Happened to The Surge?

The number one indicator that the Iraq troop surge has worked is its’ almost complete absence as a topic for the MSM. No one hates good news more than our beloved news anchors. Even the great American defeatist John Murtha had to admit after his return from a visit to Iraq, that the influx of almost 30,000 US troops was producing results. And while that is truly good news for most Americans, it is something the MSM would rather ignore.

Now the good people at TIME magazine have written an article attempting to explain how and why the surge has reduced violence and helped the US and Iraqi people establish some semblance of stability in many regions of Iraq. There is no doubt that the addition of five American combat brigades helped quell violence in otherwise murderous areas of the country. But the American presence however powerful, is only temporary, and true progress can only be realized when the Iraqi people decide enough is enough and take control of their cities, towns, and villages.

The success of the surge has given this administration, the US military, and most importantly the Iraqi people, some breathing room. The leaders of Al-Qauda and other terrorist organizations know only too well that their most important ally is our left-leaning, anti-administration, media. They are spurred on to commit ever more horrific acts of violence knowing full well that the American media will instantly blame George Bush or the US military for these atrocities. This in turn will motivate many elected officials [predominantly democrat], to insist on immediate withdrawal of US combat forces. This cascade of events if acted upon, results in victory for the terrorist forces not only in Iraq, but worldwide.

So right now while the media is focused on Hillary, Barack, and Britney, the US has its’ best chance to succeed in Iraq. The insurgents are not only being systematically hunted down by US and Iraqi forces; they are being all but ignored by the MSM. Without media support in the US, the terrorists in Iraq have been deprived of an important ally. The lessons of how North Vietnam manipulated the American media during the Vietnam War are not lost on these people.

Terrorists can only triumph when weak-willed people back down in an attempt at appeasement or all out surrender in the hope that the violence will end. Terrorists hope that their grisly acts will force decent people to cave to their demands. But history demonstrates that appeasement or surrender to evil almost always results in oppression and suffering. If our forces leave Iraq tomorrow, the violence will not only continue, it will increase. And our media, while always in favor of complete withdrawal, will accuse the military and the administration of abandoning the Iraqi people and blame both entities for the carnage.

George Bush has shown that not only will he not back down from media and political pressure that he withdraw US forces from Iraq, he actually increased forces to stabilize the region. It was a calculated risk that seemed to pay off. More importantly though he demonstrated that he is confident that American military power and leadership is capable of crushing this insurgency when given the chance. This confidence, and the superb performance of US troops, serves as an important deterrence, it proves that the US is not just a paper lion dependent on advanced technology; it shows that our military is more than willing to fight in urban and close quarter combat and prevail. They can get down and dirty with the most ruthless terrorists…and win. Don’t think for a minute that Bin Laden and his buddies aren’t scared by that fact. They never expected us to stick it out this long.

Of course if it was up to the MSM or some Senate leaders, we would have surrendered long ago.

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