Monday, February 18, 2008

Special Interests rule the DEMs

I always knew the trial lawyers were dangerous for America. After all, it is the trial lawyers that sent health care costs through the roof. It was the ambulance chasing likes of John Edwards who capitalized on the misfortunes of others. The John Edwards types who sit in 28,000 square feet houses while the victims they represent took in peanuts in comparison. America will always be paying through the nose for health care until the trial lawyers are reigned in and tort reform is instituted and enacted. Always remember that while the DEMs talk about mandatory health care coverage they will not do what is necessary to reform what ails the system. What ails the system is the frivolous lawsuits brought on by unscrupulous trial lawyers. However, even with understanding the issue with health care I never thought the trial lawyers would make it less safe to live in America.

The trial lawyers are why Nancy Pelosi and the house democrats would not vote for extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). America is now living under the same rules that were incapable of keeping us safe on 9/11. We have reverted back to a system that was developed out of the cold war. The previous act is a relic that protected us against an enemy we knew was there, an enemy we saw coming, and an enemy that was a sovereign State. We were all taught a valuable lesson on 9/11. We know America is now fighting an enemy we can not see, an enemy that came from no where and yet everywhere, and an enemy that would stop at nothing in an effort to have Americans live in fear. The DEMs are responsible for sending us back to where we came. The same policies that failed us miserable on that day of infamy. The extension of FISA sailed through the senate. There were few exceptions because it is what is right for America. However, the trial lawyers interjected themselves and did some behind the scenes lobbying. They influenced the Democrat party caucus and forced the DEM leadership not to extend FISA.

The trial lawyers are a huge financial base of the DEM party. They did not like one minor provision in the bill that protected and provided immunity to telecommunications industry companies. After 9/11 some of these telecommunications companies may have inadvertently committed a crime in an effort to do what was right. In the interest of protecting Americans, they may have invaded the privacy of citizens. If it happened it was not done out of malice but rather ignorance. Now the trial lawyers want this immunity removed from the bill. The trial lawyers want an opportunity to sue some of the telecommunications companies. They will risk destroying the telecommunications infrastructure in the United States in an effort to make even more money of which to buy even bigger houses.

Congress is in recess for 12 days. For a minimum of 12 days America will be much less safe then we were last week. All of this for the sake of the special interest trial lawyers. The trial lawyers are responsible for destroying staples of the American fabric. Destroying American infrastructure. Destroying the American Dream.

The trial lawyers are responsible for destroying the American health insurance industry, destroying the American telecommunications industry, and now destroying American safety and security. It is the same trial lawyer group that purchase 28,000 square foot houses and then preach energy conservation. Of course these bogus preachers have enough of our hard earned cash that they can purchase carbon credits so that they feel good about themselves.

Maybe if the trial lawyers settled for smaller houses and smaller vehicles, and commercial airplanes like the rest of America they would leave the American infrastructure alone. America desperately requires tort reform. The only reason we have not been able to enact tort reform is the financial impact the trial lawyers have on the democratic party. For America's sake the trial lawyers need to let this bill pass and allow our infrastructure to stand.

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