Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Thoughts on Saturday

If I were going to rob a bank, I think I’d try one of two ways:

A. Get two huge glass jars and fill them up with bees. Walk in and smash them both on the floor. During the ensuing chaos as the bees swarm the place, grab as much money as possible and haul ass. Maybe not the best way to do it, but can you imagine watching the security video? It would be hilarious. Can unleashing bees in an enclosed area during the commission of a felony be considered assault with a deadly weapon?

B. Dress up like Barney the dinosaur, get a bunch of balloons that read “happy birthday” and walk in the place singing. People will automatically assume it’s a birthday prank. Now that you have everyone off guard, go to work. The tricky part is getting away; you have to lose the Barney suit without being seen but once that’s done, it’s impossible to be identified.

Both of these can result in huge problems with local law enforcement and the FBI, I’m certainly not advocating bank robbery. I can just picture John Walsh talking about the “bee robbery” or the “The Barney bandit” on Americas’ Most Wanted.

German doctors went on strike in 2005, can you imagine that ever happening in the US? Socialized health care may sound like a great idea to some people, but do you really want the federal government running our health care industry? This is what we have to look forward to if Hillary gets her way. Doctors will spend half of their time filling out government forms, their salaries will drop, and the good ones will either go into private practice or leave the country.

Of course the American taxpayer will be forced to foot the bill for “Universal Health Care”, and it won’t be cheap. If many of our best doctors flee the hospitals for better salaries, it exposes the younger, more inexperienced physicians to an overly litigious clientele ripe for exploitation by TV lawyers after government dollars. Will the government pick up the cost of malpractice insurance for hospital employed doctors, or pay the huge court awarded judgments? No way in hell, that money will come from the ever increasing taxes needed to fund socialized medicine.

Did anyone really think that John Edwards ever had a shot at getting the nomination for President? This guy is a poster boy for scumbag, ambulance chasing lawyers. He and his ilk drool at the idea of the government getting involved in health care. I loved it when he spoke about the Two Americas, he lives in a six million dollar, 28,000 square foot house paid for by suing physicians and hospitals…his America sure must be nice, and the people of North Carolina pay for his law suits everyday through increased health care costs brought on by Edwards’ abuse of the legal system.

Fred Thompson was a joke as a candidate, a non-inspirational, D- list TV celebrity who demonstrated an almost complete ignorance of all issues concerning our country.

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