Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Year Later

In January 2007, President Bush detailed a plan to increase American troop presence in Iraq. For years, some Republicans and a majority of the Democrats ridiculed the SECDEF and the President for not having enough troops on the ground to effect the changes necessary for Iraq to become an Arab democracy. In 2007, the President moved forward. Bush sacked the Rumsfeld and installed Gates. On the ground, Bush provided GEN Petraeus with the resources and decision making authority to effect necessary changes.

Through the buildup of "the surge", the leadership of the Democratic Party ridiculed the buildup plan. Many of these leaders, who for years clamored for more troops, claimed the surge would not work. The Democratic leadership clamored for an immediate withdrawal. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "the war is lost". The Democrats claimed a massive civil war was taking place in Iraq and that the US had no place interjecting themselves in the civil war. The media reported daily how the surge was not working. Iraq was a front page story into the summer of 2007.

This all started to change when the New York Times printed an OP-ED that said Iraq is a war we just might win. The Democrats of Congress decided they needed to derail any progress our troops may be making. They tried to thwart the progress by forcing decisions in JUL instead of waiting for the Petraeus report in SEP. The media fell right in line by printing story after story of how Petraeus would not report the truth. Petraeus would be a puppet for the Administration. Liberal groups like went as far as running an advertisement that said GEN Petraeus will betray America.

Now one year after the start of the troop buildup, there has been significant changes in Iraq for the better. Iraqi President al-Maliki has stated that al-Qaeda no longer enjoys stronghold in Baghdad. Al-Qaeda is on the run and their last stronghold in Ninevah province is shaky. Violence has decreased 60%. US causalities have steadily declined. The Iraqi government has had time to effect change to move Iraq towards becoming an effective democratic country. De-Baathification laws have been passed. Provincial elections have been enacted and will be held in October. The major benchmarks that the democrats have insisted on are coming to fruition. Although just last week Nancy Pelosi again stated the surge has not worked and Hillary has stated the benchmarks were not being enacted. Both of these comments are simply lies. The surge did buy time for the Sunni's and Shiite's to work together. They have passed major national laws that show progress towards the benchmarks. The Iraqi security forces are taking responsibility for the country. Anbar Province is being turned over to the Iraqis one village at a time. Anbar was a hotbed of violence less than one year ago and now it is relatively safe and operating effectively without Al-Qaeda influence.

All this good news on progress is underreported. None of the major MSM outlets have even addressed the political reforms and progress Iraq has made. Now that progress is making progress it is not in the news daily. The MSM is desperately attempting to keep the American public left uninformed of the progress. Simply the media is not doing their job. They understand that good news in Iraq is bad news for the antiwar left. The media has changed their focus to the economy. Since SEP the media has attempted to turn America's attention toward a slowing economy. They have lost Iraq as an issue and now they are deliberately attempting to derail the economy in an effort to appease the liberal left.

Everyone understands that if the media places enough emphasis on an issue they will sway public opinion. In the case of the economy public opinion has a dramatic effect. If enough people believe it is a bad economy they consumer will tighten their belts and create further economic woes. The media needs to start reporting facts and stop trying to sway public opinion towards the liberal left agenda.

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