Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh No! Not Again.. Hillary Tears Up

Tearing must be rather habit forming. For the third time in less than month Hillary has publicly teared up. First she cried because the going got rough after Iowa. The Hillary campaign was verge of imploding and she was watching her dreams go up in flames. Her answer was to go after the sympathy vote and tear up before a public audience. As the national polls tightened just before the super Tuesday voting Hillary again teared up publicly. Obviously she interpreted the results of New Hampshire to mean that people would take sympathy on her and vote for her because she was capable of showing emotion. Now she is up to the same old garbage. She teared up yet again in Maine. Hillary was swamped yesterday. Her campaign lost big in Nebraska, Washington, and Louisiana. Obama is on the verge of taking the front runner status away from Hillary. Obama is gaining momentum before the Potomac primaries. In all likelihood, Obama will have the overall delegate lead going into the March 4, primaries. Obama will have the lead in delegates in spite of Hillary currently enjoying 60% of the super delegates from the party establishment. What is Hillary's answer? Her answer is to yet again show contrived emotion in an effort to receive the sympathy vote.

Hillary would not show emotion when her daughter was publicly humiliated by MSNBC. Hillary came out strong and slammed the reporter and forced his suspension. Yet, when the going gets tough in her endeavor to win the Democratic nomination she shows emotion. Most mothers will get emotional wen their family is attacked. Not Hillary! The only time she is able to show emotion is when her dreams of turning American into her own personal Socialism start showing signs of going up in flames. Her contrived emotion is all about her and her losses. She could care less about anyone else. If she isn't emotional when her family is attacked we all know that the emotion shown on the campaign trail is just another attempt to receive the sympathy vote. This is not leadership. I can assure everyone that the leaders of Iran, China, and North Korea will not provide comfort and sympathy to Hillary just because she gets teary eyed. Hillary needs to grow up and quit crying; it is beginning to get old.

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