Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Government

Hillary has announced that she would garnish the wages of hard working Americans and force her socialized health care agenda. Health care is a major issue. Many people can not afford health insurance. It is difficult to comprehend why Americans can not afford health insurance. However I do not think a country with the resources America has at its disposal should have the government garnishing wages and forcing people to purchase health insurance.

Many Americans for whatever reason choose not to insure themselves. Many young Americans feel they do not require insurance. Many Americans without insurance are under 25 and single. They feel their money is better spent on other personal items. Why would a government that is for the people by the people force a person to spend their hard earned wages on what the government wants the people to purchase. Our government simply does not have this right. We do not need government intervention in our lives. Believe it or not the average American is able to make informed decisions on their own.

In order to fix our health care system and make it affordable for everyone our government has to enact tort reform. Our country simply can not allow ambulance chasing lawyers that live in massive houses the encompass 28,000 square feet. We can not allow the unprofessional lawyers guild to continue robbing our health care system. Every time an unscrupulous lawyer bilks the system we the people have to pick up the tab. The crackerjack box lawyers are one of the root causes to rising health care costs.

I know the democratic party is backed by the trial lawyers and they would not dare enact tort reform or risk alienating a large donor group. It is far easier to garnish the wages of hard working Americans and do nothing to bring the costs of health care down. Health care costs will spiral out of control unless we get a handle trial lawyers. We have to be able to curb the penchant for ambulance chasing. America must enact tort reform now. As long as Hillary is more focused on the symptoms of health care failures and not the causes America will lose.

America is obligated to ensure access to our health care system is available to everyone. We need to open the federal health care insurance system for those that can not afford health insurance. We do not need to garnish the wages of those that choose not to insure themselves. It is not the American way to have our government intrude in our lives and force the people to allow the government to make decisions for them.

Hillary please stay out of my pocketbook. Please fix the root cause of the issue and not the symptom.

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