Monday, February 18, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

Jorge Lopez-Orozco was an illegal immigrant living with his wife and children in Idaho. In all likelihood he would have been one of the estimated 12-20 million illegal immigrants that were granted amnesty in the failed immigration bill last year. This is a man that wanted to engage in an extramarital affair with an unmarried mother of two. When she spurned his advances because she did not want to carry on an affair with a married man he murdered her.

This lunatic was distributing meth and worked on a family farm in Idaho in order to make a living. He was in our country illegally and had an arrest record. He was arrested in a traffic stop and used an alias. Now he is one of the FBI's most wanted criminals.

When the mother of two decided to drop the relationship, he decided it was time to murder her and her two children. He shot and killed the victims prior to burning them in an abandoned vehicle. The bodies were so badly charred and decomposed that the only means of identification was DNA.

This lunatic decided it was time to high tail back to his once forsaken country of Mexico. This is the type of individual that makes it imperative that we seal off our borders. We do not need to allow amnesty and the path to citizenship for these type of people. What we need to do is start enforcing our immigration laws.

We need to bring the heat down on businesses that hire illegal aliens. We need to deport illegal aliens immediately if they are caught. We need to tell the illegals that they need to go home. If they were to leave voluntarily we won't hold it against them and they can try to legally enter the United States through the immigration laws.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox needs to stop the fear mongering. The Liberal left needs to quit playing on the fears of legal aliens and stop saying America is anti immigrant. We are not anti immigrant. Americans understand that immigration made our country what it is. However, these were legal immigrants. They were not border jumping criminals looking to live off the American system. I have no issues with countries sending us their poor and downtrodden. I just expect them to come here legally and become productive members of society. We do not need to have tragedies like this happen just because we did not have the backbone or wherewithal to send the illegal immigrants home with no chance of coming here legally. They are after all committing a crime against society or did the liberal left forget that.

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