Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hatchet Job

The New York Times attempted to derail yet another Republican Presidential candidate last week. The Times decided to run a 3,000 word essay on John McCain's past practices with lobbyists. They decided facts were an unnecessary evil and instead used rumor and innuendo. The Times used unnamed sources and had no proof. This brings back recent memories of a Main Stream Media inserting their liberal bias onto the political stage.

In 2000 the MSM media wanted Al Gore to win so badly they called the state of Florida for Al Gore before the Florida polls even closed. The heavily Republican panhandle of Florida was still voting when the networks decided it was time to insert Al Gore as the winner of Florida. This ill fated attempt to derail the American political system went largely unnoticed. Instead of focusing on the illegal act of calling States before all of the polls close, the liberal left instead decided to focus the attention on how the Supreme Court decided the election and stole it from the popular vote winner AL Gore. We need to focus a little more on what the likely result of calling Florida was.

First Florida still had polls open in the pan handle. Bush ended the night with a slim 500 vote majority in Florida. The question is not whether Bush won Florida or not. The question is what was the impact of the illegal actions of the main stream media. How many voters were disenchanted with their first choice and went home before actually voting because their candidate had already lost? We went through months of recounts and investigations and Bush always seemed to come out on top. The winning margin always changed in Florida but the final result never did. Again though, how many Florida voters were alienated by an over zealous media?

There were other more far reaching questions that are required to be answered in order to put the 2000 election into focus. It was very evident that Bush could not win the Presidency without winning one of the following three states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan. The media called all three States for Gore at approximately the same time. The question here is how many voters were disenfranchised nationwide when these states were called for Gore? How many Republicans in California, Washington, and Oregon decied Bush had lost and decided to stay home? There was little doubt that Gore was going to win these western states so why would Republican go vote when their candidate was going to lose the state and worse yet lose the national election. How many independents decided to change their vote to Gore simply because they wanted to vote for a winner? But alas the media has never been made to answer for these improprieties. They pushed there agenda and were not held accountable. We will never know for sure what the margin in Florida or nationally actually was. The media desperately wanted Gore to win and attempted to influence an election. All these illegal acts and no one to account for them.

Another bruising example of the media pushing their agenda was the Dan Rather fiasco. Everyone knows that Dan utilized forged documents to paint Bush as a deserter. Dan's answer for using forged documents? It should not matter the thrust of the story is true so he should be able to use whatever necessary to print a story. Dan is a bitter person today simply because his hatchet job failed. His attempt to influence the 2004 election was yet again ill fated. Dan used an identified source for his scoop on documents proving Bush was a deserter. When the source was found out it was another liberal hatchet man that would have had no credibility for the story in the first place. Dan ended up resigning but CBS was not held accountable for their actions. CBS went on as if nothing happened. No Harm, No Foul.

Now we have the Times doing the same sort of hatchet job. They used unidentified sources and insinuated a romantic affair. The thrust of the article was about an imagined affair between McCain and Vicki Iseman. The Times attempted to tie Iseman to a letter McCain sent to the FCC asking for a decision. He did not try to influence the decision he just wanted them to make a timely decision. So what is the story really about? Is it about influence peddling? Probably not, as the letter McCain sent to the FCC only asked for a speedy and timely decision and did not influence one way or the other on the merits. Was this about an affair? Probably. This is the innuendo. No one has stepped forward and said there was an affair. It was only the Times and their innuendo that alluded to an affair.

The Times wonders today why people reacted the way they did. This comes from a paper that defended Bill Clinton for his lies under oath by saying it was just an affair. Now they attempt to derail McCain for an dreamed up affair with no proof.

It is high time the media is held accountable. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of the press. However, I do not think our forefathers envisioned a media that would use yellow journalism to sell a paper. I believe they wanted the press to be free so they could remain unbiased and print facts so the people could make informed decisions. When the media decides to forgo with honesty and integrity they should be banned from reporting ever again. The media should not be influence peddling anymore than the lobbyists.

Over the course of the last three presidential elections the Main Stream Media has attempted to undermine our form of government. The media is unethical and probably needs to regulated more. The media encourages regulatory reform for many industries. I think it is high time the media is regulated. America can not afford a media that would sell their souls for a sensational story. The media has too much power. Most of their stories are one sided and uneven. The media refuses to report anything good and they will bombard the public with everything that supports their own agenda. We need to hold these unethical reporters accountable for their stories. There are far too many stories that are dishonest and one sided. We need honest open reporting.

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