Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Failure Faithful

The Speaker of the House has announced that the surge is a failure. Queen Nancy would have everyone believe that the surge has not succeeded. However, we must look at the recent news to see if this is true or not. A couple of days ago the Pentagon released papers from Al Qaida in Iraq that spoke of despair and mass defection. Many of the foot terrorists of Al Qaida have deserted and became members of the awakening councils. Over 75% of Baghdad is now secure. Prior to the surge we only had secured about 8% of Baghdad. Over half of the 18 benchmarks are somewhat successful. The grassroots Iraqis are taking their country back as their own. The common Iraqis are taking responsibility and Al Qaida is on the run. Unlike the Democrats, I do not believe the war is lost and I do not believe the surge has failed. I believe we made mistakes and the Bush Administration prosecuted this war poorly. However, we as country must take responsibility for our actions and allow Iraq to become a productive member of the world body. Nancy is again wrong and has nothing to offer our country. Nancy needs to go back to San Francisco until she grows up and has something intelligent to say.

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