Saturday, February 23, 2008

Children Pay the Price of Illegal Immigration

No doubt some people will view the tragic deaths of four children in Minnesota as yet another reason to give illegals a driver’s license. A 23 year old illegal alien, I can’t give her name because she is using an alias, ran a stop sign and broadsided a school bus, knocking it on its side and killing four young passengers.

Apparently young Miss X is under the impression that our laws, whether immigration or traffic, do not apply to her.

Her victims:

Hunter Javens 9
Jesse Javens 13
Emilee Olson 9
Reed Stevens 12

The illegal alien has no valid license, and had been charged for driving without a license in 2006. There is no better reason for vigorously enforcing our borders than those four names listed above. We are harboring a large class of people in this country who are here illegally, and show a complete disdain for our laws, and it can not be tolerated.

I have no doubt that the sympathetic media will bombard us with tales of how this woman grew up dirt poor in some third world hellhole, has six kids to support so she just HAD to illegally drive a van that she probably doesn’t own, to one her three minimum wage jobs so she can make money to support her kids and send some of her measly earnings back to her family in wherever the hell she’s from. I don’t care.

What we should care about are those four children she killed and the three grieving families. We should care about enforcing our borders; we should care about deporting people who have so blatantly violated our laws.

We should care about taking care of our citizens first, if we had done that, maybe this article would never have been written.

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