Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Certainty

The Main Stream Media asks the question "Will the Democratic Party Nominee be selected by the super delegates"? At this point the answer is certainly Yes! There is almost no way for the nomination to be settled by people. Obama would need to win 77% of the remaining delegates and Hillary 79% in order to have this settled by the electorate. Short of either winning by almost 80% neither will be able to secure the nomination without using the super delegates. Don't let the media fool you into thinking otherwise. The only way a candidate is selected prior to the convention is to have either Obama or Hillary stop their campaign immediately or have some back room deal cut among the party establishment.

The voice of the people will not be heard in the democratic party. It does not matter who someone voted for in the caucuses or primaries. It is all but certain the nomination will be decided by an insignificant body of 796 individual political party hacks. The establishment will select the nominee regardless of the people. There are no rules for the super delegates. They can vote any way they desire. I would like to believe that many will vote for the one with the most pledged delegates. In the case of Hillary, I believe they will. If Hillary wins the most pledged delegates even if it is by one pledged, I believe the establishment will overwhelmingly support her candidacy. However, I believe Obama will need to have won the majority of the pledged delegates by a much larger margin. Obama will probably need to win more 200 pledged delegates than Hillary in order to take the nomination.

The arcane rules of the Democratic Party are part of what's wrong with politics in America. The two party system has failed us. Neither of the two parties represent average Americans. Many states do not allow independents to vote in primaries and their voices are left behind until the general election. The independents have to accept the leftovers. Independents only get to decide which political party receives the opportunity to steal from the American public. Over the course of the last 20 years we have had to vote for the lesser of two evils.

This is the year of the independent. There is no doubt that a quality independent could win the presidency. America desires a change in our government. Our choices have now been limited to three senators. One has been around since the Reagan revolution. One claims to have previous executive experience while actually having none, and the third is a first term senator with no leadership experience whatsoever. A true independent with leadership skills and little to no political experience is the only way to achieve a change of direction. The democrats will take the country down the path of socialism and the republicans will continue down the same path Bush has been leading the country down. A Colin Powell type independent could lead the country down a path through the middle of America. With no political party allegiance an independent could strike the appropriate compromises that lead the country forward. Independents of America need to unite and vote for a candidate that will put America first for a change. A candidate that places America first will lead the country down the righteous path and begin to unite a very divided country.

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