Monday, January 21, 2008

Race, Gender, and Hillary

Today is a holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King. What better day than to discuss race relations and politics. Prior to the New Hampshire primary Hillary and Bill Clinton sank to new lows when they brought race into the 2008 election cycle. Hillary always run her campaign based on gender. She even had a slogan proclaiming to be "your girl". Two weeks ago Hillary attacked Obama and attempted to undermine the legacy of Martin Luther King. Hillary claimed that King was but a messenger and not a leader. She claimed that only Lyndon Johnson was capable of carrying the torch for civil rights. Bill came to her rescue and accused Obama of offering false hope. Both of the Clintons then claimed that it was Obama who brought race into the campaign. Of course Hillary said she hoped this election cycle was not about either race or gender even though it was Hillary that brought both into the campaign.

The Question is why did Hillary bring race into the campaign? The answer is obvious. She took a calculated risk. African Americans are taken for granted by the democratic party. Hillary believes that if she can divide the democratic party along racial lines in the primary; she will be able to secure the democratic nomination. She used the Bradley effect. The Bradley effect says that there is a hard limit or ceiling on the number of non African Americans that would vote for an African American for President. She takes for granted that the African American voting block will ultimately unite around whoever is the democratic candidate. She took the risk of alienating the African American voting block now all along knowing they will return to the democratic nominee. It is a shame that a leading candidate for President would bring race and gender into an election cycle. What is Hillary saying? What I hear is a candidate that has egotistical ambition and zero ideas. All I hear is a candidate that wants votes based on gender because after all she is "your girl".

Maybe this will be the year when African Americans wake up and decide the democratic party does not represent them. Sure the democratic party promises handouts. Sure the democratic party assures African Americans that only the democrats will look out for their communities. But really, what has the democratic party done for the African American community lately? The last time the democrats did anything for the African American communities was over 40 years ago. The value and belief system of a majority of the African American communities more closely resemble conservative social values and beliefs. The African Americans attend church and balance their checkbooks. They are socially and fiscally conservative an yet they vote in large part for the democratic party. Americans have to look at the democrats for what they are. The democratic party divides Americans into small voting blocks. They divide these blocks by race, gender, age, and ethnicity. Then they promise the world to each of the individual groups. The will promise better safety nets, they promise amnesty to criminals, they promise to pass blame onto everyone else, and they promise a village to raise our children. The democrats promise everything and deliver nothing.

Martin Luther King had a dream of a colorblind society. He wanted a society where everyone treated people with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, creed, or gender. The democratic party loves a divided electorate. Hillary Clinton sank to new lows by interjecting both gender and race into this election cycle. She took a risk of alienating the African American voting block knowing full well they will support whomever the democrats nominate. She owes America an apology, she owes African Americans an apology, she will probably secure the democratic nomination. What a shame that one of the two major political parties would take a voting block for granted.

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