Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pass the Blame Please-Racism is Alive and well in the DEM Party

Hillary Clinton is blaming the Obama campaign for interjecting race into the democratic party nomination process. She made the accusation during an interview with Tim Russert during the Sunday Morning "Meet the Press" broadcast. Hillary said "I don't think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it's not about race". Hillary says her comments about Martin Luther King have been distorted. This is a classical Clintonism. Hillary and Bill have a habit of telling people what they want to hear regardless of whether it is true or not. Then they will pass the blame and deny, deny, deny. Both will continue to lie and misrepresent their own statements until such time as they are more palatable to the American public.

Hillary would have the public believe her campaign is not about gender. Yet while on a campaign stop to her alma mater she proclaimed "I'm Your Girl". Is this not a sexist remark? Has not Hillary proclaimed she is the first viable female candidate for President? I believe this shows that she is at least attempting to interject gender into the race for President. Was it not Bill Clinton who said he could not make Hillary a male? Did not Hillary complain about the boys club that has become the Presidency. Was it not Hillary who proclaimed she is carrying the mantle to break through the glass ceiling facing women? Yet Hillary has the audacity to say her campaign is not about gender.

Hillary says civil rights would not have been possible without Lyndon Johnson. According to Hillary Martin Luther King was nothing but a messenger. Martin Luther King was not the civil rights leader; Martin Luther King did not carry the torch of change; all Martin Luther King was is a messenger. Bill Clinton had to chime in and say that Barack Obama was telling a fairytale. Both Hillary and Bill have had to backtrack and regroup. Both misspoke and now they are blaming Obama for interjecting race into the campaign. Both are denying they made racist remarks. Both are trying to cover their tracks by blaming Obama. For years Bill Clinton has been a hero to the African American community. Hillary took this voting block for granted. But now that Barack Obama has shown he is a viable candidate that can appeal to people of all colors, Hillary made an attempt to undermine Obama and used race to accomplish it.

I fail to see why the African American communities fall in lock step with the democratic party. The democrats have done nothing to improve the quality of life in the communities. All of the democratic hand outs do nothing except make the African American communities feel good for a day. The hand outs are designed to give the community something in the short term. In the long term none of the handouts improve overall quality of life. Now the Clintons have disparaged Martin Luther King in an attempt to undermine the candidacy of Barack Obama because of his race.

What a shame! Hillary should be made to apologize for her insensitive remarks. Hillary should not be allowed to continue with the lies and denials that the Clintons are famous for.

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