Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obama is the Perfect Clinton Rival

Could Bill and Hillary have ever imagined that the political correctness they so embraced and promoted during the ‘90s would come back to haunt them at such a critical time? The whole PC/multi-culture/diversity mind set came into fruition during Bill’s eight years in the White House. This movement makes it social suicide to question and or criticize anyone of color for any reason…if you are Caucasian. The PC revolution also declared open season on the white American male, for any reason. And Bill was OK with this, until recently.

Obama has denied Hillary the use of her most potent weapon, the “us against them” platform. If she were only running against a bunch of staid white male politicians, she would stand out, she could use her status as the lone female to represent change, to appear as an underdog, to offer something new to the American voter.

Obama’s presence in the race has altered this dynamic. Instead of Hillary, he has become the agent of change. Obama has emerged as a formidable foe, extremely intelligent, well spoken, and comfortable with spontaneity, he makes Clinton look like just another career politician going through the motions. Obama seems to offer hope and change, Clinton offers…well, she offers four more years of having a Clinton in the White House.

So how does Clinton successfully attack Obama without violating the ever sacred PC code she so fully embraced? Well she must tread lightly. Husband Bill is no help either, he had to call into Al Sharpton’s radio show the other day to explain his “fairy tale” remarks about Obama’s candidacy. Can you imagine him doing this if Obama was a white guy? This is certainly unfamiliar ground for the nation’s first “black president”. Because Obama has become a serious contender, and he is black, the Clintons must be very careful in their criticisms of him. PC rules dictate that any attack on a person of color must be based on racial bias.

Any Clinton attack on Obama has the possibility of turning voters against her. In South Carolina this is certainly true, and it may play out the same way in other states. The hilarious irony in all of this is the fact that Clinton and her liberal friends are always prepared to give mouth service to PC related issues, they are the first ones to step up and defend the [supposed] underdog so they can appear politically correct/diverse/enlightened. Now she finds herself on the wrong side of the PC equation, she wants to be the underdog, but she isn’t…and diversity doesn’t necessarily include an establishment based Caucasian woman in the White House.

Hillary has become the rich, white, established, empowered, presidential candidate, everything she despised in a male politician, add to this the fact that her husband was president and it only makes it worse. Irony is truly a bitch, and all of the PC rules she helped put into place are now working against her. I love it.


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