Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Morals in the Dem Party

Americans are pondering who to vote for during this election cycle. The politicians are pandering to every group they believe will vote for them. The front runners for President on the Democratic side are pandering to every morally challenged group you could ever dream up.

All of the democrats are pandering to the Latino vote by using the immigration issue. The leadership of the party want nothing less than absolute amnesty for over 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. The illegals are criminals and have no business in our great country. Hillary backed a plan in New York to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Of course when the illegals go into the local Department of Motor Vehicles they will be able to register to vote. The democratic party sees nothing wrong with allowing illegal aliens an opportunity to vote. They see the downtrodden illegals as fertile ground for votes. In the process of pandering to illegals, the democrats attempt to make this an issue with the legal aliens and citizens of the United States. They portray Americans that are against such things as being anti immigrant and prejudice. What a shame that a major American political party would pander to people that are committing crimes against the American government. No wonder we have such a high budget deficit when illegal aliens take funds away from honest tax paying legal aliens and citizens.

Here we have a democratic party that secretly pray for a weakened economy. They campaign about jobs and protecting labor unions. Yet they pander to a group of criminals that undermine the strength in the economy. These criminals take employment and jobs away from honest hard working Americans. The democratic party is quick to raise taxes but yet they want to give the tax dollars to criminals that have no business being in our country.

It is a lame excuse to say the only crime most of the illegals committed was enter the US illegally. This excuse is bogus. It plays on the emotions of the American public. What a shame it would be to deport an illegal alien that has other family members in our country. Look at the hardships this may cause this family of criminals.

America is a land of laws. These laws are made to protect the citizenship. They are not made for the criminals to flaunt. I am all for changing the way America allows immigrants into our country. I have no problems with any immigrant that is in our country legally. The legal immigrants have made our country great. America was built on the backs of the immigrants. However, these immigrants were here legally.

America needs to enforce our laws. We need to enforce laws requiring employers verify the legality of their workforce. Employers that hire illegal immigrants need to be held accountable and be put out of business. When America takes away the employment of illegals they will leave of their own volition. No jobs and no income makes it difficult to make ends meet. If employers are made to verify the legal status of employees or face losing their business we would have a class of people more than willing to rid our country of the parasites that live off our economy. We would have more jobs for the unemployed citizens.

Of course the democratic party would fight this every step of the way. A strong economy capable of employing everyone would be the demise of the democratic party. The democrats are a party of the poor and downtrodden. The only way a democrat wins any election is to ensure there are enough of the poor and downtrodden to get them elected. That is why the democratic party is devoid of meaningful ideas that would strengthen America. It would go against everything they stand for. Without a poor and downtrodden class the democrats are finished. It is a conflict of interest for them to push forward ideas that really benefit their constituents so they push for handouts designed to give them something in the short term but not enough to move them forward. As long as the democrats keep promoting rights for criminals they are destined to become an obsolete political party.

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