Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Night of the Long Knives

Hillary and Barack took off the gloves and went Balboa on each other during the latest democratic debate in Myrtle Beach S.C. It had to come to this, nice doesn’t win elections and the Clintons don’t do nice.

Barack made one excellent observation; he pointed out the fact that he is running against not only Hillary, but also Monica’s old boyfriend, Bill. Obama has had to deal with attacks from both the Clintons who are old hands at this election business.

Ignoring the army of skeletons in her own closet, Hillary tied Obama to indicted fund raiser Antoin Rezco. A Clinton accusing someone of ties to dishonest fund raising is hilarious. The only half-way honest member of the Clinton clan was Socks the cat…and I heard Socks was one of the only things Hillary didn’t take when she left the White House.

What’s next? Bill accusing Michelle Obama of infidelity?

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