Monday, January 7, 2008

Let the Implosion Begin

What was Hillary thinking? I was appalled when a candidate for President would start to cry when the going got a little rough. Leaders find ways to rally followers, they do not start tearing when "it's not easy". Hillary, nothing in life worth having is easy. The tearing was just the beginning. Now she has the audacity to say the civil rights movement was a false hope of change. Hillary's revisionist historians have told her that Martin Luther King was nothing but a messenger. Hillary tried to make the comparison that Obama is just a messenger of change and that only she (like Lyndon Johnson) could institute change.

Hillary is unbelievable. She tried to relegate the leader of the civil rights movement to being nothing more than the messenger change. According to Hillary, only Johnson could bring about the change. Hillary's statement is just more evidence of her inexperience and lack of leadership skills. She does not even know how our government works. Many of the great changes to shaped our country were not the idea of the President. The great changes were caused out of a popular uprising and a groundswell of support from the people. We the people own the government. We elect the leaders that move the country forward. Martin Luther King was a leader in the civil rights movement. Johnson was just the benefactor. He just happened to be in office at the time the legislation passed. This is similar the the Berlin wall. The fall of the symbolic wall happened on George Bush's watch but the wall fell because of the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Johnson signed the laws but it was the leadership of King that made civil rights possible.

I do not know how the Hillary campaign can continue. Certainly she should immediately apologize to Obama and then quit the campaign and have a good cry. Her campaign is in shambles and the American public should not give her a second chance. The implosion has begun and is a historical collapse. This implosion is worse than the "scream" by Howard Dean. The implosion is worse than the "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty" campaign slogan. What a joke Hillary turned out to be. Hillary believed it was her birthright to win the nomination. Once reality set in, she found the American people were smarter than she ever was. The American voter has seen through her moderate charade. America has found that the shrill Hillary is alive and well. I did not think she could stoop so low as to play the race card. After all, this year America has the first credible African American presidential candidate. I thought America also had a credible woman candidate. Hillary showed that she was not credible. I am sure America is ready to vote for any credible candidate that shares the voters values. The American public is ready to vote their conscious regardless of color, creed, sex or age. What America is not ready for is a victimized prejudice cry baby. Hillary please have some decency and apologize for your insensitive remarks. Please take Bill and go home.

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