Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm All Broke Up

Oh how things change. One week ago Hillary was slamming Obama for his lack of experience. Today she was crying because "it's not easy". What did she expect? Certainly with all of her "experience", she must have known that she would face numerous challenges as president that were not easy. Certainly Hillary must have known that the United States is a democratic republic and not a monarchy. Americans do not anoint the president. We elect our leaders based on principles, values, beliefs, and other basic leadership traits.

Hillary did not display much leadership today. She was in tears because the campaign was not going as planned and was not an easy undertaking. Hillary believed for years that she would be the chosen one. Hillary had plans of returning to the White house. Many books have been written of Hillary's ambition to be President. Hillary has been running for the President since 1992. She has done everything in her power to become president. She has been consumed by her ambition. But what happened when the going got tough? Did she fight forward and onward? Did she dig her heels in and take the fight to her competitors? The answer to these questions is a resounding NO!. Hillary succumbed to her greatest fears. She broke down and lost control. The going got tough and she broke down. What would happen if Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Bashar al Assad were to get tough and strike at the hearts and minds of all Americans? Would she take a stand and fight for American Freedom? Or would she break down in tears and allow the worlds evil dictators take it to Americans? Would she fight or take flight. Would she be able to reach down and rally Americans or would she have to take a time out to cry?

Hillary displayed that she has serious flaws. She is not ready to lead the worlds greatest country. She is not ready to lead the greatest power the world has ever seen. Today she showed she is not even ready to lead a slumber party. We need to elect a leader. A leader that is able to bring America together and move our country forward. Hillary you are not a leader.

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