Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Divided America

Ever since the 2000 election, the media has reported that America was divided along idealogical lines. The electorate supposedly was evenly split between liberal and conservative idealogical values, beliefs, and attitudes. The 2004 presidential election did nothing to stem the media portrayal of a divided public.

Both political parties have moved decidedly away from the center. The Democrats used the anti war sentiment and moved towards the extreme fringes of their party during the 2006 election. The Republicans moved towards the religious conservative fringes of their party. In 2004, the turnout was extremely high in swing states like Ohio. The high turn out was due in large part to the religious conservatives who opposed same sex marriages and civil unions. As both parties have moved away from the idealogical center of the public, the large independent voting block is left unattended. Neither the republicans nor the democrats have anything to offer middle America. This is evidenced by the large increase in the number of people that have identified themselves as independent. Both major political parties have lost high numbers of people that once identified themselves with one political party or the other.

Both political parties are showing signs of fracturing. The democrats have a racial divide this election cycle. The Clinton campaign has brought race into the nomination process and looks to divide the democratic party along racial lines. John Edwards has tried to make this election cycle about the have and have nots. This philosophy further divides an already fractured party along economic lines. The republicans are divided into three distinct groups. There is Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson courting the religious conservatives. Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani are courting the the fiscal conservatives. Giuliani and John McCain are courting the anti terror, strong National defense crowds.

America has spoken. In 2006, the republicans were thrown out of office in large numbers. The democrats now control the legislative branch. However, they have low approval ratings and are at risk of further dividing America. What America needs is a President that will unite the country. Right now there does not appear to be a candidate that will be able to unite the country. None of the candidates appear able to court middle America. These politicians do not know what middle America wants. The voting public understands that these politicians will pander to everything and promise the world in order to get elected.

I believe a grass roots effort is required to recruit a candidate that can appeal to the middle of the country. I have to believe America can do better than this group of candidates. Both parties will more than likely nominate one of these candidates and they are represent the divisive politics of the past. These candidates that represent what is wrong in America. To these candidates politics is a job and career and not public service. These candidates are in politics for their own gain. They all have an ego and arrogance believing they are better than the rest of America. I would support and advocate a independent ticket that included Colin Powell and Sam Nunn. I am sure there are other qualified tickets that could unite Americans. There has to be a figure that represents the middle that can bring the political parties back towards real Americans. Partisan politics and pandering to the fringes has to stop. Career politicians have done nothing for America except divide the public.

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