Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday South Carolinians voted and provided an enormous victory for Obama. Over 80% of the African American voters dumped Hillary Clinton and voted for Obama. An overwhelming 58% of voters thought Bill Clinton's inflammatory racist remarks affected the way they voted. Most of these decided it was time to rid themselves of a candidate that represents what is wrong with America. Hillary is a divider that is attempting to undermine the African Americans. Bill and Hillary are wolves in sheep's clothing. Historically, Bill claimed to represent the African American voting block. Bill was hailed as the "first black president".

What a crock. Bill is representative of the divisive politics that have placed America on the wrong track. Bill's true colors are coming out and Hillary is cut from the same cloth. The Clintons will say or do anything if they believe it will get them elected.

Bill again has interjected divisive racial politics into the nomination race. Bill now claims Obama is like Jesse Jackson. This is a subtle attack on Obama's credentials. Bill claims it is only in the context that Jesse won South Carolina in 1984 and 1988. However, what underlies the comment is that Bill is trying to gather the democratic party together under the guise that Obama can not win. He wants to get the white middle class voter to believe that Obama can not win. Bill understands that his dream of a third presidential term with Hillary as the presidential figure head is in jeopardy and that Obama really can win the nomination.

Bill has been a vocal advocate for Hillary. Obama is correct, he is running a campaign against both Bill and Hillary. Hillary is incapable of running the country. She has zero experience and can not even rely on her skill as a senator. Last night I heard Hillary say there are two kinds of senators. There are show horses and work horses. Hillary claims to be a work horse. I must say really Hillary! Where is your examples of positive legislation? What legislation have you sponsored? We all know you voted for the war before you voted against it. We all know you failed your duties in not reading the Nation Intelligence Estimate prior to voting for the war. Hillary, your only claim to fame is that you were the first lady for eight years and the wife of a governor in Arkansas. Your politics are a failure. Just look at the failed attempt to socialize our medical system. So really Hillary what have you done except divde Americans along racial lines?

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