Saturday, December 27, 2008

RNC Candidate: Out Of Bounds

A candidate for the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) crossed lines that should have never been crossed. Chip Saltman sent out a holiday greeting to RNC committee members that should get him thrown out of the game. It's one thing to distribute material that portrays the opposition as hateful of America, but when it becomes race baiting and displays hateful politics it is unnecessary and out of bounds.

The Republican brand has been punished by the American people. Republicans must band together around a common theme and return to the principles that set the republican party apart from the Democratic Party. Barack Obama and the Democrats used race baiting tactics throughout the 2008 campaign season. Republicans took the high road for the most part and stayed away from the politics of race. The Republican party needs to continue taking the high road and show Mr. Saltman the door. The RNC should be appalled by this behavior. The Republican party is not the racist party that it is accused of by the liberal press. It is the party of individual freedom and the rule of law. The RNC needs to punish Saltman for his tasteless holiday CD that included "Barack The Magic Negro" and denounce this type of political hatred. It is one thing for Rush to play it on his radio show. It is totally different for a candidate for the RNC to be sending it out to RNC committee members. Rush gets paid for his radio show and that is what his listeners want to listen to. Rush is an entertainer not a National Political Party leader. Saltman is a candidate for leading the Republican party out of the wilderness. Saltman no longer deserves to be listened to. Saltman is a bigot that displayed his racial hatred. Saltman needs to be denounced and relegated to playing waterboy. Saltman is someone the Republicans can do without. Republicans need to take the high road out of the wilderness. Let the Democrats continue with the politics of division, the politics of hate, and the politics of the gutter. Send Saltman home and never look back. Saltman is a part of the problem not the solution; Saltman is out of bounds.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Don't Need Your Education

What happened to the American media? Network news (ABC, CBS, and NBC) is losing hundreds of viewers a day. Print media is going belly up, the New York Times had to mortgage its headquarters building, and the LA Times is going bankrupt. It’s almost as if people don’t trust the old time media anymore. Where have we, as news consumers, gone wrong?

Network anchors are paid millions of dollars a year to bring in viewers, yet ratings show that viewers are tuning them out in large numbers. Katie Couric is paid $15 million a year, Brian Williams $10 million, and poor Charlie Gibson only gets around $8 million. I started to write that they “earned” those amounts, but I don’t think the word applies in this case. During the last weeks of a very heated presidential election this year, the three networks actually saw a decline in news viewers.

When will these networks realize that the concept of a six o’clock national news program is obsolete? Any major news story that they report has already been covered by the 24 hour news channels and the internet. Because of this fact, what Katie, Brian or Charlie are reporting, is not “news” to most people, it is redundant chatter at best. This probably explains the ongoing audience decline. So during the 30 minute news program (actually more like 26 minutes after commercials), the coverage of hard news probably makes up less than half the show. The rest of the program is personality dependant, the anchors find topics that interest them, and present it as news. They discuss topics that are important to themselves, not necessarily to the viewing public, probably another reason for the drop-off of viewers.

News programs are based on the premise that the individuals reporting events are more knowledgeable on those topics than the public. In the case of network news however, this concept no longer holds true. In the pre-internet, pre 24 news channel days, people were dependant on network news for information. Cronkite, Reasoner, Severeid and Rather had access to outlets like the AP, UPI, and Reuters that the public simply did not possess. So when six o’clock rolled around, an interested nation awaited their words. Unfortunately for Katie and her network brethren, those days have passed. In the modern world, network news offers very little in the way of “news”, it is merely a rehash of semi-current events recited by photogenic, teleprompter driven, well paid, quasi-celebrities who sit behind a desk [the desk represents authority and knowledge, a throwback to our school days] and try to appear intelligent.

News anchors, much like movie stars, are paid to attract an audience. But network news has become a bad movie that never ends, a series that should have been canceled years ago, Fonzie at age sixty, Friends at seventy-five. It has become tiresome, agenda driven and irrelevant, and it’s time, like any non-performer, to be removed from the line-up.

Merry Christmas to our Troops

The Lizard wants to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and thank you, to all of our wonderful troops stationed far from home this holiday season. We applaud your bravery and pray that you return home to loved ones safe and soon.

Keep the faith and know that a grateful nation awaits your return. You make us proud, and the ones that are not proud should spend a few weeks out there, doing what you do everyday. Thanks again, be safe and get home soon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Morons in the Media

Do the smart kids major in journalism? Judging by today’s media, the answer is definitely, no. Chris Matthews, Harry Smith, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, these people certainly are not amongst our nation’s best and brightest. The old media have become a pathetic joke, the only people who take them seriously anymore, are themselves. It’s hilarious when they invite each other over for an interview, like Matthews having Tom Brokaw on his show. Only another media type would think that anything Brokaw (or Matthews for that matter) has to say is worth listening to.

The complete breakdown of objectivity on all things Obama will only hasten the end of the old style media in this country. This messiah like Obama worship has exposed the true depths of stupidity in the media today. If you believe all the media hype, we have just elected a man who is Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and JFK all rolled into one.

"There are many who had such an optimistic and hopeful opinion of things, and you certainly can’t expect things to change on a dime overnight, but there are many who suggested that with the outgoing Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration there would be something of a lull in terrorism attacks. There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought — at least hoped — would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come."

- MSNBC anchor Alex Witt after the Mumbai attacks

The colossal ignorance demonstrated by comments such as this is almost unimaginable in anyone over the age of ten. Yet statements like this have become commonplace from our slobbering, pandering media. Apparently Alex didn’t see the latest video from Al Qaeda’s number 2 man concerning Obama. A lull in terrorism attacks because they love Obama? Can this person be serious? I can only hope that Ms. Witt chooses not to procreate. The media have begun an all out butt-kissing contest when it comes to Obama and his family. Barbara Walters, named him the most fascinating person of 2008, and had this to say;

"His belief that there is a place in America for someone who transcends the usual labels has brought us all to this place....In becoming President, he has redeemed the American promise that an individual can make his own destiny and create a new world. We are all members of that new world now, and that for us makes him the Most Fascinating Person of 2008. Good luck, Mr. President."

- ABC’s Barbara Walters

She makes absolutely no sense at all, but you don’t have to be coherent when you’re praising the great one. The newest rage infecting Obama worshipers is the demand to immediately swear Obama in as president. The slobbering media sycophants simply can’t wait until January twentieth for their king to be crowned.

No Country for Old Men

I occasionally tune into network news to see just how they are distorting events to fit their liberal agenda. I caught Bob Shieffer on CBS complaining how Obama’s cabinet picks were “flaming moderates”, not the far left liberal whack-jobs he would prefer. As Bob rambled on, I wondered how anyone could take this senile, incontinent, eighty-three year old narcissist hack seriously. Bob is fairly certain that he knows more than everyone watching the lowest rated news program on television. He values his own opinions so much that he attempts to pass them off as news to the few surviving members of his audience.

CBS, NBC, and ABC have a lot in common with GM and Chrysler. They all have failed to adapt to changes in demography and economics. They try to use business models designed for a commercial environment that no longer exists. This failure to adapt will most likely doom the automakers and network news in their present form. Why does CBS keep digging up a fossil like Schieffer to deliver his opinions? Remember this is the network that kept Dan Rather around until he completely lost his mind and had to be canned. Ever listen to Bill Moyers? He’s crazy too. We all know Andy Rooney is a little off, but he doesn’t try to hide that fact. Rather, Schieffer, Moyers, are disturbed geriatrics that should grab the Depends Undergarments, hit the bingo place and leave us alone.

Typically, these dilapidated ghouls are the leading prophets of doom and gloom in the media. Especially Moyers, whose screeds against George Bush in particular, and the US in general, are legendary. We should not expose our young people to these mentally impaired, over medicated geezers. The same is true for turkey necks Barbara Walters, Eleanor Clift, and Andrea Mitchell. There should be a mandated retirement age of perhaps fifty-five for media types. Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard Walters say anything that made sense? The mere fact that she continues to appear on “The View” proves she is mentally unbalanced. Diane Sawyer went to North Korea and actually believed the lies she was told about this most backward nation. Her embarrassing, zombie like regurgitation of North Korean propaganda was shameful. She was either brain washed, or more likely, she no longer possesses the mental dexterity to realize when she is being told outright lies and is being used.

I believe Dan Rather when he says that he did nothing wrong in the “Memogate” debacle. I have no doubt that he truly believes he was correct to air that story, that’s the problem. Rather no longer has the mental faculties to realize just how wrong it was to use fraudulent documents in an attempt to destroy a sitting President. His idiotic, on air defense of his actions in the days following the 60 Minutes story, demonstrate why he had to be removed. CBS should have seen it coming when he began concluding his broadcasts with the word “courage”. Rather is now demanding that Obama be sworn in early saying that, "we're in possibly, possibly, the biggest crisis we've been in since December 7, 1941, and maybe since the time off the Civil War." How’s that for some highly medicated, old man doom and gloom?

News by the elderly is depressing; they continually poison the TV viewing populace with their confused and/or tainted views of world events. These aged journalists no longer have the ability to distinguish fact from fantasy. Many of them are bitter, opinionated people who believe they have the right to spew their verbal garbage simply because they have been around since JFK was cruising the waves on PT-109. Nina Totenberg from PBS, is so embittered on some issues that she even wished death upon Lieutenant General William Boykin, how’s that for some old-lady hatred? I don’t know about you, but I really don’t give a damn what an eighty-three year old journalist thinks about the Iraq war. In 2003 the airwaves were full of ancient media types comparing Iraq to Vietnam. They were the supposed experts because almost all of them had covered the Vietnam War as journalists. And they were all wrong as hell. So next time you see some decrepit geriatric on TV telling you this economy is headed for a depression, and he knows because he lived through the depression…pick up the remote and change that channel, he has no clue what he’s talking about, he’s just an old guy with an axe to grind. Don’t let them get you down.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obamamania Can Be Costly

Supposedly concerned for her reputation and her family's safety, Helen Jones-Kelly, tireless Obama supporter and hapless idiot, resigned her position today as director of Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services. You'll recall that Jones-Kelly ordered an illegal records search on Samuel Wurzelbacher aka "Joe the Plumber", using state computers to access confidential information about Mr. Wurzelbacher.

Apparently Jones-Kelly was incensed that Joe had gained noteriety by inadvertantly getting Obama to admit his intentions to "spread the wealth" of Americans. She is also accused of using her state owned BlackBerry to send solicitations for political donations to the Obama campaign. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland suspended Jones-Kelly for thirty days after her actions were exposed by a worker in her department. The employee had been coerced by Jones-Kelly's subordinates to cover up the illegal records search.

Strickland's spokesman issued this statement; "The governor values Helen Jones-Kelly's years of public service as a dedicated advocate for the most vulnerable among us. He understands her decision and accepts her resignation." A ridiculous comment about a woman who obviously lacks any kind of ethical constraints. Wuzelbacher, like the other citizens of the state of Ohio, was vulnerable to this woman, and her powerful position, but she wasn't much of an advocate for him. Is it "public service" to use state resources to illegally collect confidential information about your adversaries, and then have your employees attempt to cover it up?

Hey lady, don't feel bad, it didn't work for Richard Nixon either. Don't worry about your reputation, just pack your stuff and get the hell out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

UAW Doomed Their Own Bailout

The United Auto Workers doomed their own bailout. With a bailout package already through the house all that was needed was senate passage. Bush already worked with the democrats and came up with the deal. The bailout would have been signed by Bush and the automakers would have had their $14 billion bailout. In order to pass all that was requested from the senate was a simple timeline. A timeline for the UAW to renegotiate labor contracts that would make the auto industry competitive. Instead the UAW refused to lay out a timeline and then commenced to blaming Republicans.

The Republicans did not stall the legislation. In fact at least 10 Republicans voted for the bailout. This means that the Democrats didn't feel this was enough Republican support to provide political cover. The unions then lambasted the Republicans blaming then republicans for union failures. Had the unions provided a simple timeline for renegotiating labor contracts this bill would have passed. Unfortunately for the union, the union decided they would not establish a timeline to save their workers.

In fact the Union decided it was better to abandon the workers they collectively bargain for in an effort to receive funds without preconditions. The Unions fail to understand that they are a big part of the reason the auto makers are not competitive. Sure the union won these concessions in the past. Yet now when the labor environment is worsening the unions fails to establish a timeline in order to save their industry. Instead they went to the government trough and expected a no strings attached handout.

The union is hoping not to have to renegotiate. They would rather Congress pass the card check bill so they can strong arm Honda and Toyota workers to unionize. Instead of realizing that their rates are strangling the auto industry, the union wants the foreign automakers to match their ludicrous compensation rates. I predict if the UAW unionizes the Toyota and Honda plants the these automakers will just move to another country (can you say Mexico) and Detroit would still be bankrupt. There should not be any Auto maker bailout until the union renegotiates. It is far better for the workers to have employment rather than the alternative which in unemployment for unskilled labor. This is not an enviable position for the union workers. Perhaps instead of blaming Republicans the UAW might look in the mirror and see the error of their thinking. The UAW doomed their own bailout and it ain't pretty.

Rahm Emanuel Must Resign

It has become apparent that Rahm Emanuel must resign from Obama's staff and as a US house of Representative. Emanuel was in serious discussions with Rod Blagojevich regarding the filling of Obama's vacated senate seat. While Emanuel claims he did nothing wrong it is apparent that Emanuel knew that Blagojevich was attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder and Emanuel continued discussions rather than turn in Blagojevich for his corruption.

Emanuel is a partisan hack that was providing names to Blagojevich that were acceptable to Obama. Also Emanuel was in discussion regarding his own house seat. This is not the actions of a post partisan and transparent government. If Obama wants to save his presidency he needs to accept Emanuel's volunteer resignation or force his resignation involuntarily if needed. This is the only way for Obama to save his Presidency before it even begins.

Obama campaigned on bringing transparency back to the government. Yet when Blagojevich was attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat Obama remained quiet. There is no way Obama's Chief of Staff was involved in discussion with Blagojevich and Obama did not know about them. Obama should have turned Blagojevich in immediately to federal prosecutors for corruption. Instead Emanuel and Obama both decided to remain quiet.

On Thursday Obama promised an investigation into his staff concerning contact with Blagojevich. Yet Obama refuses to even let out who is in charge of the investigation. This is not what it means to be transparent. It is now Sunday and there is still no word from Obama or his transition team as to their findings. There is only one way for Obama to avoid jumping the shark; he must let Emanuel go.

The longer this process takes the higher the odds that Obama will jump the shark even before being sworn in to office. Anything short of Emanuel's resignation and Obama will have a difficult time regaining the public's trust. Obama is losing much of the trust from the American public. The longer this fiasco continues the less people will trust Obama. Obama needs to come clean and rid his staff of Emanuel.

Obama is in danger of having his Presidency fail. Allowing this scandal to fester and clouded will doom Obama. A president who loses the confidence of the American public can not lead. This scandal represents everything Americans despise about politics. Obama has thus far been in denial. Obama has been weak and ineffective. The scandal keeps brewing and Obama remains on the sidelines. Obama is at a crossroads. Obama must now lead and demand Emanuel resign as Chief of Staff and resign from the House of Representatives. Emanuel must go.

Raise The Gas Tax: Another Bad Idea From Liberals

The left wing media has been begging for an increase in the gasoline tax. In their belief the Government is missing an opportunity to tax Americans with gasoline prices being as low as they currently are. However, nothing could be further from the truth. America is in the midst of a deep recession and any increase in taxes now would just further deepen the recession. Michael Kinsley wrote in Time that he believes the government is losing a treasure trove in tax revenues if the gasoline tax is not raised. Michael Kinsley like most liberals do not understand the dynamics of economics, taxes, and social welfare.

Michael Kinsley believes the government is forgoing $500 billion dollars in tax revenues. Kinsley arrives at this figure by believing that the government should tax us the difference between the price of oil this summer and the price of oil today. Kinsley is arguing for a tax increase that would take us back to $4.00 a gallon gasoline. Kinsley and other liberals do not understand that the gasoline tax is the most regressive tax we have to pay. The taxes come from predominately the poor and middle class. The ripple effect of these taxes permeates to the lowest level of society and harms the poor, the elderly, and those living on fixed incomes.

The high price of oil will cause the price of all goods and services to rise. We saw the prices rise this summer. Businesses passed along the increased cost by either raising prices or charging "fuel surcharges". Additionally, the price of food products increased because of shortages caused by food products being utilized as alternative fuels and the increased cost of cultivation and transportation. These increases in the goods and services in the United States disproportionately harm the poor and middle class. The effect of increasing a regressive tax will do nothing to help the economy.

Liberals also do not understand that this tax increase will kill the economy. Any tax increase especially when the tax increase is a consumption tax will have the opposite of the desired effect. Increasing taxes on the consumption of gasoline will cause people to make further cuts in their consumption of fuel. Instead of heating their homes to a livable temperature many will reduce the temperature to the point where some will risk their lives and health. Increasing a regressive tax will also leave the middle class with less disposable income.

A middle class with less disposable income will not help to spend our way out of this recession. Consumer spending is the fuel that drives our economy. When the middle class is pinched with tax increases they spend less money on everything with the exception of necessities. Less consumer spending will mean businesses will start laying off more employees. The increased unemployment will then need further governmental assistance for which is already out of control.

Any increase in taxes now will deepen the recession. Increasing energy taxes will send America over a cliff. We are on the edge of depression right now. Energy has come down to levels people can afford. This low price may result in higher consumer spending which will get us moving in the direction of expansion. There are many reasons for the deep recession we are currently in. We can not focus on one sector while believing the other economic sectors do not matter. America is focusing on the financial and housing sector. However, high energy prices this summer caused the frail economy to tip over the edge. Another factor in the deepening recession is the high cost of labor. In July the unemployment rate began to increase dramatically. It is not a coincidence that there was another $.70 per hour increase in the minimum wage. This increase had the effect of reducing the number of jobs available for our part time and young workers. Small businesses hired fewer employees and some may have even laid off some people simply due to higher labor costs.

All in all this clamoring for a liberal agenda will kill the economy once and for all if enacted. Raising the regressive gasoline tax will hit the poor and middle class. This will reduce consumer spending and increase unemployment. This combination will decrease the tax revenues taken in by the government. At the current rate of deficit spending this year will increase our debt by well over $1 TRILLION DOLLARS. Less workers will further sink the economy and push the US to the brink of bankruptcy. Liberals like Michael Kinsley need to stop and think before the express their opinion. Their opinions will kill America. Raising the gasoline tax is another bad idea from the liberal and Socialists of the left.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama: Weak, Indecisive, Immature and a Liar

Obama proved over he last few days that he is incompetent to lead this great nation. Obama's initial response to the Blagojevich scandal was weak and indecisive. Obama's initial response was an effort to deny any involvement Blagojevich concerning Obama's vacated Senate seat. The rest of the initial comment from Obama was really a "no comment". This weak response necessitated a stronger response later on in the day. Obama was indecisive. With all of the damning evidence and the arrest of Blagojevich on federal charges it still took Obama three attempts get out a strong and decisive call for Blagojevich's resignation. The call for resignation should have been offered as an initial response. Obama should have come out strong and said in light of the charges Governor Blagojevich should resign in order to focus on his defense. Instead Obama came out with the lame statement that he was not involved and had no further comment.

Today Obama showed us how immature he is. In the middle of Obama's press conference today he saw fit to make light of the serious nature of the offense. His laughing and making jokes concerning the contents of the Blagojevich tapes is truly an immature act from an irresponsible politician:

Obama is also a liar. Connect Tristates also reported that Obama was meeting Governor Blagojevich on Wednesday November 5, 2008 to discuss his senate seat. This was reported on various sites but now that a scandal has broken out the links are miraculously being scrubbed. Gateway Pundit has a screenshot of the Connect Tristates article and the News release from Blagojevich office stating a meeting occurred between Obama and Blagojevich. This came after Obama vehemently denied any contact concerning the Senate seat.

Now today we find that Obama advisors were involved in a two hour teleconference involving the Senate seat and scandal on NOV 10th. In all likelihood Rahm Emanuel was one of the unidentified advisors in on this discussion. During this conversation it became apparent that Obama advisors knew Blagojevich was attempting to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Now Obama tried to laugh all this off and suggested that because his advisors were not playing along with Blagojevich that he is not involved in the scandal. The problem it seems that Obama and his staff knew Blagojevich was attempting to corrupt the Senate selection and was attempting to sell the seat to the highest bidder. None of the Obama advisors in on this teleconference blew the whistle. In fact they never said anything. In other words they let the practice continue which is a crime in and of itself.

This is similar to the Watergate scandal. It is the coverup and not owning up to the corruption that got Nixon in trouble. Obama is taking the same path. Obama has denied any involvement from himself or his staff. However it definitely seems this denial is a lie on both counts. First Obama did have discussions regarding the Senate seat as described by Connect Tristates and further by confirmed by David Axelrod on NOV 23rd. Second, it looks like Rahm Emanuel was involved in direct negotiations with Blagojevich. It is obvious that Obama knows much more than he is letting on. Obama's hands are not clean. Obama this week again proved that he is weak, indecisive, immature, and a liar. This is going to be a long four years.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Two Party System: An American Failure

The two party system has failed America. Both parties have become corrupt with power. Americans with pent up frustration with corrupt politicians vote the incumbent party out of office. The only problem is all that happens is a different career politician comes to power; the corruption continues.

In 2002, George Ryan decided not to run for reelection due to scandals in his Illinois administration. In 2007, Ryan the former Governor of Illinois began serving a six and a half year sentence on corruption convictions stemming from bribery charges. Because of the corruption Illinois changed political parties which led to the election of Rod Blagojevich. Today the same Blagojevich was taken away in handcuffs. Blagojevich is on tape "selling" Obama's Senate seat.

Obama the President elect claims not to have spoken with Blagojevich regarding the filling of Obama's vacated Senate seat. Yet on November 23rd, David Axelrod (Obama's campaign advisor and senior advisor to the President in Obama's administration) said something far different. Axelrod on Fox News Chicago said "I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them." Obama like all other corrupt career politicians before him lie, cheat, and steals to stay ahead of the scandals. Obama ran and won the campaign on change. All Obama changed was which political party would dole out American taxpayer monies. Obama is in the middle of this mess and has nothing to say except the lie that he never had discussions with Blagojevich concerning this matter.

In 2006, the Abramoff scandal was breaking and cost the Republicans control of Congress. Abramoff was considered a Republican lobbyist even though Harry Reid was implicated in the scandal. Here is what ABC had to say about the Harry Reid connection:
ABC News reported on November 15, 2006 that Jack Abramoff told prosecutors that Senator Harry Reid (D) requested contributions of $30,000 from Abramoff's clients and that Reid agreed to assist him in matters concerning Indian casinos.
Nonetheless, this is still considered a Republican scandal.

Also in 2006, William Jefferson was indicted on corruption charges stemming from the finding of $90,000 in marked bills in Jefferson's freezer. Jefferson was not forced to resign by his party. In fact they allowed him to again run for reelection in 2008. Luckily for Louisiana and America Jefferson lost.

Christopher Dodd received a sweetheart deal for a mortgage from Countrywide. Then Dodd allowed Bank of America to write the bailout bill that allowed Bank of America to buy out Countrywide. Yet, Dodd continues in his coveted position of Chairman of the Senate Banking committee. Dodd is complicit in the financial debacle we as taxpayers are forced to bail out. The Democrats have been clamoring for the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner yet allow Dodd to continue in his post. The corruption in both political parties is readily apparent. The hypocrisy from both parties is unimaginable.

America is the land of the free. Our government is supposed to be a representative democracy. A government of the people, for he people, by the people. However, the greatest failure of our lifetime is the failure of our government. Over the course of time the two party system has corrupted our nation. Only career politicians rise to the top posts and by the time they have enough seniority they have become corrupt to the system. Our politicians have become the water boys for the special interest groups. Money is the name of the game and money comes from the special interest groups. Our career politicians then become beholden to them. We must take our country back from the career politicians. Our government representatives have become corrupt with power. The two party system has become an American Failure.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Republicans: Alive and Competing

Immediately following this years elections many were writing the Republican Party Obituary. The pathetic pawns in the media portrayed the Republican party as being in a state of disarray. Many reporters and editors in the Democratic party propaganda wing forged the idea that Republicans were in the wilderness and may never recover. However, recent election results show nothing could be further from the truth.

William "Cold Hard Cash" Jefferson lost his reelection bid. Jefferson came from a far left district and represented the greater New Orleans area. This seat was the safest of safe Democratic seats. A Republican has not held this seat in over 100 years. In fact when Joseph Cao will be the only Republican representing a predominately African American district. This election happened after the Obama sweep in November and demonstrates that the November election was more a referendum on Bush than it was the Republican party.

Saxby Chambliss won the runoff election against his Democratic opponent by 15%. On election night Chambliss won by 3% so the win was not unexpected. However, the size of the win demonstrates the shallowness of the Democratic Party support. The 12% margin between November 4th and December 4th demonstrates the racial motivations of segments within the electorate. With Obama on the ticket Jim Martin was within three points. Without Obama on the ticket Martin was a disaster. African Americans displayed their racial motivations by showing up for Obama but staying home for Martin.

A third election was held after the November 4th election. The last one was a Republican hold of an open seat. John Fleming won a seat from retiring Jim McCreary. While this seat is merely a hold it is a seat the Democrats felt they would take. In the end the Democrats could not take a vulnerable district.

Without Obama on the ticket Democrats are 0-3 since November. The Republican party has two Governorships in play in November 2009. In Virginia, the Incumbent is barred from running for reelection. this is a potential pickup for the Republicans and will go a long way in determining the health of the Republican party in the State. Obama won this state going away. However, the sitting Democratic Governor Tin Kaine is not all that popular and potential Democrats are not all that strong. This is a potential pickup that would go a long way in shoring up Republican support in the old Dominion state. Another potential pickup in the Governors race is in New Jersey. The incumbent has a huge money advantage as Jon Corzine will invest his own money attempting to stay in office. However, Corzine is not very popular at this point in time with high negatives. Over half of New Jersey voters disapprove of Corzine. A strong Republican contender will bring a Blue state in play.

The death of the Republican party is greatly over stated. The Republicans are the out party right now and need to develop a strong message. Republicans over the last few years delivered an incoherent message. Republicans in Congress forgot their roots and sent spending skyrocketing. Scandals swept many Republicans out of office. Ear marks and deficit spending kept party faithful at home as they believed the Republican party should be punished for abandoning their principles. Now is the time to develop a unifying message that will bring the base together. The bickering between the various wings of the party need to stop. If Republicans are going to make a comeback they need to be unified. The Foreign policy hawks, the social conservatives and fiscal conservatives need to get along. Since the election many critics within the Republican party complained about "RINOs" and moderates. These are not the problem with the party. The problem with the party is that the leaders forgot the message. The leaders of the party became corrupt with power in Washington. Republicans are not dead; they just need a reawakening. All Republicans need to rally around the principles of the party and the Republicans will be fine. Remember the Democrats must now govern. Bush and the Republicans will not be around to blame.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bailouts: Union Chief/Democrats Do Not Understand

Apparently the democratic Congress feigned indignation over the behavior of the Big Three automakers just to make the American public believe they were really looking out for the taxpayer. Today, Senator Claire McCaskill said "we need to behave like a bank". McCaskill wants to ensure the Big Three is a "good investment for the taxpayer". Additionally, the President (Ron Gettlefinger) of the United Auto Workers (UAW) begged for a bailout. According to Gettlefinger "we can not afford to see these companies fail" and that the proposed $25 billion dollar bailout "is not a bailout but a bridge". Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look at this video of an outsourced Ford plant:

Our most advanced auto plants are located overseas. Bailing out the auto industry only promotes mismanagement and Union abuses. Currently, UAW members receive an average of $73 per hour of compensation (pay and benefits). Non union workers for foreign manufacturers in the US receive on average $43 per hour in compensation. Yet Gettlefinger says "We're prepared to go back to the table" but quickly added "Based on the changes we've made to our contracts, we are competitive". Really, if UAW is so competitive on labor rates why would the big three be paying on average $30 per hour in compensation more than their competition.

The COngress wants to further tie the hands of auto manufacturers by tying any bailout money to increasing fuel efficiency. Never do the democrats ever talk about correcting the failed practices of paying workers to do absolutely nothing ( a union benefit). The democrats are not looking out for the taxpayers in general, no they are just looking after their over-bloated union jobs.

Any bailout should be aimed at restructuring the business practices of the Big Three auto makers. That includes union contracts and technology investments to bring the American auto industry into the new century. Without plants similar to the one shown in the video the bailout will just delay the inevitable failure of these auto makers. Real change must come to these companies. Our Congress must demand restructuring of the industry. Anything short of a massive restructuring will end up in massive failure. Our Congress should not be the nations banker. The democrats again were caught just grandstanding when they sent the CEO's home empty handed. Everyone knows that this feigned indignation was just pandering to the voting public. In reality the Congress sent the CEO's home with a wink and a nod. The bailout is going to happen. Our Congress will demand the management changes but leave unions alone. The unions will bankrupt the companies and we will yet again be asked to come to their aid. Tell Congress no to the bailout without real reform. Tell the UAW they must renegotiate or be placed out of work. Only a massive restructuring will save the industry.

Obama: No Pragmatist

A pragmatist is a philosophy of striking balance between principles and reality. In other words a pragmatist is not an ideologue. Obama is an ideologue and his cabinet selections show just how much of an ideologue he is. Obama is a far left liberal; voting to the left of admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The pathetic pawns in the media suggest that because Obama has selected Clinton leftovers that he is showing that even though Obama himself is liberal his selection are centrists. The pathetic pawns use the fact that Bill Clinto governed from the center to push this agenda. However, there is a problem with that thought process. First Bill Clinton was no centrist until it became necessary for political survival. Second, Clinton protege's were involved in the scandal ridden Clinton administration.

Had Bill Clinton been a true centrist the democratic control of Congress would not have changed hands in the 1994 election. The first thing Bill Clinton did upon arriving at the White house was push for the largest tax increase in history. In fact he raised the regressive gasoline tax in less than 90 days. The tax increases under Clinton almost choked off what little recovery we were enjoying at the time. However, because America was emerging from a recession the business cycle took care of hiding this regressive tax but the economy grew at a much slower pace than would have otherwise been expected. Bill Clinton moved to the center only after losing the 1994 election. Had democrats continued to enjoy leadership of Congress, Clinton would have certainly stayed left of center. Remember his failed "socialized" medicine plan. This was a far left plan that would have bankrupted our economy with more entitlement programs. The balanced budget Clinton claims as his own was part of the "Contract with America" the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich. Welfare reform was also due to Republican pressure. Although Obama and the Democrats are on the verge of reimplementing the welfare state (consumer bailouts). Eric Holder is the man behind Pardongate (FALN Marc Rich). Hillary proposed the largest entitlement program in history with Hillary care. Biden is the political hack behind the derailment of Robert Bork. Daschle was so much an ideologue that he lost in his reelection bid.

No these picks do not show Obama to be a pragmatist. They show an ideologue that will attempt to implement the Clinton policies that failed. Obama has not shown one once of bipartisanship. Even hanging on to the independent minded Gates in nothing more than political survival. Obama really has no ideas how to change America. Obama has placed no plans forward and in fact says that he will wait for the Congress to pass a bill he can sign into law for economic bailouts. Obama is an empty suit with zero ideas. The people he is selecting for his cabinet are liberals. They will take the country far to the left. The pathetic pawns will claim Obama is a centrist and before we know it our individual freedoms will go the way of the dinosaur. Obama practices leadership from the rear. Obama will become a figurehead that will do nothing but rubber stamp actions from the Congress. Any failed policy will be blamed on Clinton staffers. Anything that works will be a part of the Obama vision. Obama is a hoax incapable of rational thought. How long will the pathetic pawns remain in love with this hoax? Obama is an ideologue; Obama is no pragmatist.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

American Crossroads

America is at a crossroad in history. We are about to enter unknown territory where the results will impact not just every American but the lives of everyone on the planet. There is a perfect storm brewing and the end result could be catastrophic. Each of the three issues in and of itself has destroyed civilizations in the past. Now we have the unique prospect of seeing what happens when all three come together at the same time.

First, we have a global recession forming that may rival the Great Depression. We have the democrats clamoring for a new "New Deal". The pathetic pawns in the media are asking idiotic questions like “In your estimation, could we use a little FDR right about now?” from Brian Williams. This question alone coming from a news correspondent shows the contempt the media has for the American public. It is obvious by this question that Williams does not take the current economic crisis seriously. However, let me tell you the crisis is extremely dangerous and requires immediate bi partisan attention. Beyond popular belief from the left Franklin Delano Roosevelt policies did not lift us from the Great Depression. No quite the contrary his policies prolonged the Depression. America came out from the depression a world leader because its resolve to win a war. The Greatest war was fought for no other reason than the Great Depression. Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco would not have come to power without the Great Depression. The rising rhetoric from these tyrants led to the spread of hatred. The bread lines and wheel barrow's full of money required to purchase basic necessities in life are what led to each of their rise. The financial crisis in the US has global ties that may just rival the 1930's. The rest of the world's markets are also taking a beating. The price of oil is a prime indicator of the forces at work here. This summer when the world's economies were still growing and producing oil was selling at almost $150 a barrel. Now with the world markets in the tank oil is selling at around $50 a barrel. The high cost of energy is the root cause of the rapid decline in global markets. As soon as the economies of the world start showing signs of recovery the price of oil will go right back to where it was and the world economic powers will right back where they started. This will be the cause of the rise of ruthless tyrants. The ruthless tyrants will assume power bent on destruction and global domination. This has been repeated in the past many times. Leaders who rise in uncertain times due to popular revolt end up on the wrong side of history.

Second, the Russians and Islamic radicals are rattling their sabers. The Russians have threatened to move a missile base into Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is between two NATO countries and our defenses would be powerless to stop a Russian invasion into these countries. Russia views the election of Obama as a sign of weakness and why shouldn't they. Obama has said he would talk to our enemies without pre-conditions. Obama deferred to the UN when Russia attacked Georgia. The Russians feel emboldened and believe Obama is powerless to stop them from World domination. Medvedev was in Venezuela last week discussing and overseeing joint war games. Medvedev also visited Cuba on his way home. There is little doubt the Raul and Fidel Castro discussed joint military relations and quite possibly the deployment of Russian missiles to Cuba, just 90 miles south of Florida. Russia has promised both the Iranians and Venezuelans with assistance in the development of nuclear technology. Our enemies have been emboldened by the election of Obama. Now a weakened America has the opportunity to see if Obama has the mettle to stand up to the world's tyrants. Obama better act fast the Russian threat will move and combine with the economic turmoil in the United States causing a storm big enough that we may not be able to quell it in time to save the world from itself.

Third, the Islamic radical have become emboldened. The last three days showed exactly what 10 radicals can do when they set their mind to it. This was not an attack on India. It was an attack on the Global markets. The terrorist attack on the Mumbai financial district shows how interconnected the three pillars of the crossroads has become. An attack on a financial district at a time of economic crisis around the world. This attack in India may seem like it is far away and not associated with us but nothing could be further from the truth. The tentacles of radicalism are far reaching. This was an attack on democracy around the world. India is the worlds largest democracy. This attack was intended to disrupt financial activity in the region. Right now any disruption in financial activity could be devastating to the world's economies. The Al Qaida second in command said just the other day that the financial crisis could be eased if only America and Western culture would just embrace and accept Islam. That is a major problem with Obama's foreign policy concept. Obama believes we can use diplomatic relations and talk to these tyrants. The problem is that the only alternative to destruction is conversion to Islam in the minds of the radicals. The "peaceful" religion of Islam preaches death and destruction to all non believers. There is little doubt that the radical Islamists are bent on world domination. The only thing holding them back right now is technology. However, with Pakistan having nuclear weapons and Iran bent on developing them it will not take long before they have bargaining chips in the game.

America is at a crossroads. It is either time to talk tough and carry a big stick or it is time to stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best. We have a financial crisis that history tells us will not end without a war, we have a rise in rhetoric between the last two great super powers which we now know only ended because of an implosion of the Soviet economy. Couple this with Islamic fundamentalism and we now know we are in turbulent times. Diplomatic relations will not resolve these differences. Take the wrong path and America will either be involved in a World War, A Civil War, or a Holy Crusade. America has overcome all three of these impending disasters in the past. The difference this time is that we are facing all three at once.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Coming Storm: Russia and Latin America

While President-elect Obama is busy putting together a cabinet, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is busy resurrecting old alliances and forming some new ones. Medvedev recently met with Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez, then visited Cuba's Castro brothers, after trips to Brazil and Peru. In Venezuela the Russian leader signed a deal on nuclear energy, and coordianted the upcoming joint naval exercises between Russia and Venezuala which will begin the 1st of December off of the Venezualan coast.

It should be clear even to casual observers that Russia is attempting to gain a foothold in America's backyard before Obama can assume office. This is a game from the old Soviet playbook, push until you meet resistance, and when you meet resistance, deny all, then keep pushing. The Russians wasted no time in issuing an ultimatim to the new President-elect. On November fifth Medvedev told the world that if the US did not abandon its' plan to station Patriot missle batteries in Poland and Czech, the Russians would place ballistic missiles in Kalliningrad. A clear challenge to the new American President, and one that he must carefully consider in order to contain a resurgent Russian threat.

How would Obama react to the simultaneous acts of Russia placing nuclear missiles in Kalliningrad and Cuba, and Venezuela cutting off its' oil supply (almost a million barrels a day) to the US? America consumes almost 60% of all Venezualan oil output, but I'm sure Medvedev has discussed alternative market strategies with Chavez. The goal here is to test the new president, and bring America to her knees.

Obama's "soaring oratory" will not deter our enemies from challenging him, he has to realize that fact. He must act decisively to keep this country safe. In fact Obama's reputation as a man who deals in words works against him. Obviously the Russian government feels that he is a hollow man, and they hope to take advantage of someone who believes more in words than in action. The Russians no doubt also find solace in the fact they now get to deal with a man who has never kept the same job for over five years. No wonder Mevedev is always smiling.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Franken and Reid: Fraud Conspirators

Al Franken is in contention for the US senate. On election night the race for the US Senate was too close to call. Norm Coleman had the lead though and the lead while not insurmountable was indeed large enough that a recount in a likelihood would not over turn the results. However, as the election board directed all canvassing boards to recheck theirs numbers before the election results would be certified low and behold over six hundred more votes for Franken were found. In one case 32 ballots were found in the trunk of an election workers vehicle. In another a number was transposed and Franken wound up with another one hundred votes. In almost every instance a missed count was in favor of Franken.

All of the precincts and counties were directed to reverify their numbers prior to being certified. Franken made up more votes then did all other candidates combined including Obama. Now we as the voting public are to believe that nothing nefarious is going on. Never mind the fact that an election volunteer in the recount was an observer for Franken in one county on a particular day then on the very next day in another county was an independent observer. I'm sure this obviously partisan volunteer has no nefarious intentions.

At any rate the recount is not going the way Franken would like. Franken decided file a complaint regarding absentee ballots that were not counted because of legal issues. The elections board decided against Franken and said the matter would have to be a court issue. The ballots were legally discarded because they were illegally cast but Franken says they should count anyway.

Now just today Harry Reid interjected himself into the Minnesota Senate election recount. Reid said "Today's decision by the Minnesota Canvassing Board not to count certain absentee ballots is cause for great concern." This opens the door for the US Senate to decide an election. This has become a race to win at any cost including winning the race through fraudulent means. The highly partisan US Senate has no business in this race. The Minnesota election officials should count the legal ballots. The Minnesota courts should decide on the "illegally" cast absentee ballots. There is no way the US Senate led by Democrats should even be entertaining taking a seat away from the Minnesota voters.

Should Franken prevail through legal means so be it. If this race is decided by The Democratic lead Senate then the US States as a Representative Democracy is dead. Stealing an election through fraudulent means would become the shot heard round the world. We as a nation can not allow partisan hacks to be stealing our elections from us. Everyone needs to contact their Senators and inform them to stay away from this election recount. Any interference will be seen as an attack on the American constitution.

Time to Give Thanks

Everyday we are assailed with more bad news about the economy. We hear about the imminent demise of the auto industry and the 3 million jobs that hang in the delicate balance between failure and bailout. Our banks are a mess, unemployment has risen to 6%, and to top it all off, childhood obesity has hit epidemic proportions.

Yet despite these doom and gloom statistics so cheerfully touted by our beloved media, Americans have many reasons to be thankful on this day. We have just come through a grueling national election cycle, and everyone is looking forward to what this new administration will do. Gas is under $2.00 again, let's hope it stays that way. The war in Iraq has wound down, and while there are still Iraqi civilian and US military deaths, the numbers are so low that the media won't even mention Iraq anymore. Through seven tough years of war, the United States has not suffered another devastating terrorist attack, that is most definitely a reason to be thankful.

On this day of Thanksgiving, we should remember our brave troops, especially those stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave men and women are far from home this day, many stationed on inhospitable Forward Operating Bases with very few amenities like hot water or reliable electricity. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines would all rather be safe at home celebrating  Thanksgiving with friends and family. Anyone who has been stationed far from home, especially in a war zone, knows only too well the loneliness these holidays can bring.  And let us not forget the American civilians stationed with our troops, they suffer the same feelings of loneliness and separation. 

Most important, we need to remember the 4,202 American servicemen and women who lost their lives defending this great nation since this war began. Without them, and the millions of Americans who perished in previous wars, this country would not exist.

So today let's not dwell on the many problems we face as a nation. Let's be happy for all we have,our family and friends, and look forward to working hard and solving our problems as only Americans can. Happy Thanksgiving from The Lizard.

Doomsday Clock: Approaching Midnight

The hands of the doomsday clock are edging closer to witching hour. The President elect is perceived as weak and ineffective. Even as the chosen one spoke against establishing preconditions for talks with the world's tyrants, these tyrants established preconditions for the US to talk to them. The Soviets are rattling their sabers. They have threatened to deploy a missile base in Kaliningrad. The Russians are war gaming with Venezuela. The Russians have promised to assist Hugo Chavez develop a Nuclear program. The Russians have promise to provide assistance to the Iranians to finish a nuclear reactor project next year. The Chinese are constantly hacking into America's Information Technology backbone. Terrorists from a nuclear Pakistan keep targeting a nuclear India. The recent efforts to destabilize the world's governments are because of one reason: The Russians, Venezuelans, Iranians, Cubans, Chinese, and Islamic Terrorists perceive Obama as being weak.

The Russians waiting until November 5th to threaten placing a tactical missile base in Kaliningrad. This threat comes on the heels of the Russians invading a Sovereign Georgia. The Russians waited for the grand announcement of placing weapons of mass destruction in a province with borders between two NATO countries until after the election because of the initial responses from the campaign. McCain strongly condemned the invasion and stood by Georgia. A weak Obama blamed the incident on both countries and threatened to take it the the UN. The weak initial response from Obama emboldened the Russians.

The Russians then participated in wargames with Venezuela. This is the first time since the end of the cold war that Russian warships have been in the Caribbean. Our Congressional leadership has abandoned our allies in South America all the while our enemies are embracing the Russians. Our Congress refuses to enact a free trade agreement with the Columbian's while Hugo Chavez provides funding for the FARC. The balance of power in South American is shifting.

The Russians have also promised to assist Venezuela with Nuclear technology. This promise involves assistance in research and development of nuclear technology. Nuclear scientists and engineers from Russia will be in our back yard providing technology that could be used against us. The threat posed by a nuclear Venezuela is a stark reminder of the Cuban missile crisis faced down by John F. Kennedy.

The Russians have also promised to assist Iran finish a nuclear reactor next year. The completion of Iran first nuclear power plant will enable the Iranians to develop nuclear warheads. Iran already boasts of 5,000 active centrifuges for enriching Uranium. This nuclear reactor will provide enough resources for Iran to develop one nuclear warhead a year. We already know Iran is intent on eliminating the Jewish state. The Iranians already have missiles capable of reaching Israel. Now the Russians are intent on providing the Iranians will the capability to develop nuclear warheads.

The Iranian and Venezuelan rhetoric was around long before Obama. However, Russia has turned even more belligerent since Obama was elected. The Russian's and their Socialistic ideals were defeated. The Soviet empire crumbled in 1991. Now the sleeping bear is has awoken. Obama is perceived as weak. We are again a nation that may be looking at a situation where nuclear missiles are 90 miles off our coasts. The sleeping bear has awoken because we have elected a President that desires to be liked around the world.

To Obama being liked is far more important than being respected. Obama is a proponent of diplomatic resolution of conflict first, foremost, and last. Obama is a big proponent of the toothless UN. Obama would rather the UN mettles in the worlds problems rather than the US providing leadership. Obama has a stated plan of dismantling our military. In the wake of the Russian invasion of Georgia, Obama deferred the situation to the UN. Once it was known that Obama actually stood for nothing the sleeping bear awoke. This sleeping bear will not rest until again until Obama shows some strength. Reagan produced peace through strength. We were a Nation that put the bear to sleep. Obama through his words woke the sleeping bear. Obama now through actions must put the bear down. Thus far his actions have only emboldened our nations enemies. Unless Obama carries a big stick America will again become embroiled in a cold war. Obama must demand respect. Respect is far more important than being liked. Without the respect of our enemies the doomsday clock ill continue to move towards midnight. With nuclear threats coming from Pakistan, India, Iran, Venezuela the world is ever moving closer to mutual assured destruction. The clock is indeed closer to the witching hour than it has been since the Cuban missile crisis.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Energy: The Forgotten Economic Component

The high cost of oil this summer contributed greatly to our economic turmoil we face today. Oil at its high water mark was selling at $147 a barrel. The transportation industry was in a state of disarray. The high cost of energy contributed to the decline in jobs and increase in unemployment. Many companies instituted "gas surcharge" strategies and passed the costs on to consumers. By August, the high cost of energy and the lack of a coherent plan made the democrats look weak and ill prepared.

However, by the middle of September the price of oil began to fall. The damage to the economy was irreversible. While the pundits blame the financial crisis on the greedy wall street bankers and auto executives. Obama has proposed a moratorium on foreclosures and is primarily focused on the bailout of the financial sector and auto industry. The problem is that because of the tanking economy and energy prices not seen in over two years, Obama and his advisors have taken their eye off the ball.

Energy prices will not be this low forever. In fact as soon as the US economy starts to regain its footing the oil prices will also begin to increase. Once this happens we will yet again be facing $4.00 a gallon gasoline prices. Another facet of this is that the EPA wishes to use the "Clean Air Act" to regulate green house gases. This will effectively tax all of energy usage and again we the consumer will be paying exorbitant prices for oil. This year the high prices were during the summer. Many people cut down on the use of AC and found alternate means of transportation. However, had these high prices happened in the winter the effects would have been far reaching and caused even more damage to the economy.

America has to remain conscious of the effect energy costs have on our economy. The effects on the consumer are greater than any other single component of the economy. We need to start drilling now for our short term solution. We need investments now in attaining energy independence. We can not wait until the technology of tomorrow matures. Instead of dumping another $700 billion in bailout money as proposed by the Democrats we need to place money into energy cost reduction. Focusing on the auto industry and its bankrupt policies will only prolong their inevitable demise. Neglecting energy today will cause the American economy to fail now.

Energy is the forgotten component. However, it is an integral part of the economy and America can not afford higher energy costs. The economy will not be able to recover without a plan to keep energy costs down. Any kickstart of the economy will be doomed to fail as long as energy prices climb with increased production and usage. The proponents of "Drill Here, Drill Now" must continue this pursuit.

Terror Runs Wild In India Today

Today terrorists sent a stark reminder of their intentions. A group called the Deccan Mujahadeen claimed responsibility for today's deadly attacks in Mumbai (Bombay), India. At least 80 people are dead and 250 injured. The terrorists also have taken at least 40 hostages and are holding out the Taj Mahal Hotel and the Trident Hotel. The terrorists actively pursued American or British nationals.

Here is a video of the terrorist attacks:

This terrorist attack is a stark reminder that there are groups in this world that refuse to tolerate or accept Western culture. The terrorists are out to destroy the western culture and our way of life. This particular attack may have happened in a seemingly far away place but today's events go to show that everyone must remain vigilant. Many have conveniently forgotten what happened on our shores seven short years ago. This stark reminder should hit close to home. Never forget, and always remain cognizant of our environment. Remember Freedom is not Free.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Investors: The Missing Ingredient

Obama has assembled his team of economic professionals and proffered a plan to take us out of this economic tailspin America faces. Obama has promised to pull out all the stops and go full speed ahead. Obama has said he would do whatever it takes. Obama has promised $2.5 million jobs, promised bailouts, and promised more government intervention. The problem is he forgot the main ingredient; the investor.

The stock market plunged after Obama won the election. Investors on wall street were fleeing the uncertainty brought on by Obama. The evil rich Wall street investors bailed out on the market and it went into a tailspin. Obama's economic plans are to "spread the wealth" and investors don't like that idea too much. So the smart investor took his gains and left the market. The smart investors is moving towards the precious metals or leaving their hard earned cash in their mattresses to save for the future. Rich investors don't like the idea that they will have to pay higher taxes on money invested in their future and the future of America. The rich investor has a stake in the economy and places funds in high risk endeavors that will provide the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Yet Obama wants to punish these investors through higher taxes without relieving any of the risk. No investor places money in high risk investments without expectation of potential high rewards. This is what Obama plans on taking away. Take away the incentive for taking risk and no one will take them.

The investor is the reason that a bottom up approach to the economy will never work. Our economy is built on consumer spending. However, in order to generate consumer spending people must have jobs. In order to have a job (private not public) employers must have the opportunity to expand capital. In order to have an expansion of capital companies require investors. In order to have investors their must be something in return. That return is in the forms of dividends and capital gains. As taxes on capital gains increase the return on investment is lowered thus making it not worthy of the risk involved.

We all must face reality. America can print the money and sell our future in the form treasury bills but that will not provide comfort to the investor. Obama can create all the public works jobs possible and that will not sooth investor angst. Obama surrogates have now come out and said they may not raise taxes on the wealthy. The surrogates say they may not repeal the Bush tax breaks. However, this is only temporary while the economy is down. As soon as they see the economy improving Obama will raise these taxes. My question is why would a smart investor fuel the economy today only to lose the wealth gained tomorrow? This is not good business. The smart investor will stay away from this economy until the fundamentals get straightened out. Really the only way right now to get the smart investors back is for Obama to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. The sooner Obama does this the sooner we will be able to move the country forward. Short of making the tax cuts permanent or at least extending them to another 6 years and the investors stay home. We are a country in trouble and Keynesian economics will only deepen the recession and push it closer to depression. Remember the last depression was only escaped because of a world war which was caused by the depression in the first place.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The United Socialist States

America is about to journey down the path of outright Marxist Socialism. Obama was the most liberal Senator in the past Congress, in fact he was left of the admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders. However, don't let Obama's past speak for itself lets allow Obama's recent actions speak loudest.

First, Obama offers Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State post. Now Hillary's strength was never her ability to be a Statesman. No Hillary's strength was her ability to get her head around complex issues, boil them down to a few cause and effect diagrams and develop potential solutions. Hillary was never the diplomat sitting down for a chit chat concerning policy. No she got her head around the issue and then bulldogged it until it became law. Hillary would have been better suited for other cabinet posts like health and human services. Instead she was offered a post that she is ill suited. Hillary's foreign policy stances are far different than Obama's. In fact, her stated positions are closer to John McCain then they are Obama. The only logical reason for placing Hillary in as Secretary of State is to hide her. Obama does not want Hillary harping from the Senate floor. Obama does not want Hillary speaking out against the Socialist domestic policy Obama plans on getting through a friendly Congress.

Second, look at the Attorney General selection. Eric Holder secured the pardon of 16 FALN members. FALN is a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in Chicago and New York. Take this as well as Obama's own associations and family friendship with domestic terrorist William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers now preaches his socialist program to our nations future while they attend college. This indoctrination is impressed upon the young minds of our next generation. With the Eric Holder pick as Attorney General it will surely be an administration that is kind to violent domestic terrorists.

Third, we have the selection of Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human services. Daschle is a partisan hack. While the pathetic pawns claims the cabinet selections are pragmatists and not ideologues. This pick certainly does not fit that meme. Daschle was defeated in his 2004 reelection bid to the Senate. Daschle was Senate Majority leader and wielded great power. Most voters back home value representatives that wield this type of power. Yet Daschle no longer represented his constituents. Daschle became a partisan hack that leaned towards the Marxist side of the political spectrum. Thus too far from the left of the political center for even his constituents to feel safe with in spite of the power to bring home the earmarks.

Fourth, on the economy Obama has promised to create 2.5 million jobs in the next two years. Never mind that this is about half of what the economy normally creates in that time look at what type of jobs he is creating. No Obama is not creating private sector jobs; he is creating public sector jobs. Obama's job creation involve building roads (Public), Teachers (public), Alternative Fuel (public and private). There is no doubt most jobs created in the Obama economy will be public sector. Expanding the government will increase the monies necessary to operate thus the need for increased taxes. The Obama economy will destroy more private sector jobs than the public sector can keep up with. No wonder Obama tells everyone it will take 4-5 years to get of this mess; Obama has no idea how to get out. His only answer seems to be increase taxes and create public works. This is not sound economic policy. It has been tried before and failed miserably.

Finally, the bailouts. Today Obama surrogates were busy suggesting that the $700 billion already appropriated was nowhere near enough. Senator Shumer suggested another $700 billion might be necessary. Additionally, the Congress wishes to bailout Citigroup and Detroit. The current administration already provided citibank $25 billion and now owns a part of a private bank, now Obama is talking providing even more money to bail them out further increasing the public ownership of our banks. Socialist countries nationalize institutions and that is the path Obama is taking us down. The auto industry is also looking for a government handout. Now House members Pelosi and Frank both have said that the CEO's must make a change to the business practices but that the Unions are to be left alone. A bailout of the auto industry is another step in nationalizing our industrial base. In the end all that will be left is public work and union labor. This is just another step towards a welfare state and marching us closer to a marxist state.

Obama is not pragmatic as the pathetic pawns would have us believe. His selections thus far are intended to keep his friends close (Daschle and Holder) and his enemies closer (Hillary). Obama will allow his friends to turn our representative democracy into a marxist state with the aid of his civil defense corps. All this while Obama will blame Hillary for his foreign policy neglect. Left unchecked Obama will turn our country into the United Socialist States.

Obama Shrouded In Mystery

Barack Obama is best summarized as the mystery man. There is no one that really knows anything about him prior to 1992. All we know is that Obama befriended domestic terrorists, Obama attended Trinity United Church for 20 years, Obama attended Harvard Law school, Obama attended Columbia University, Obama attended Occidental College, and Obama was a community organizer. We do not know where Obama was born, what his thesis was about, what type of grades he received, what he stood for the Illinois Legislature (Other than Infanticide), whether or not he registered for the selective service as required or what his health records contain. The question as always is what exactly is Obama hiding that he so desperately hides.

Obama continues to hide the facts surrounding his eligibility for the Presidency. Recently, Mike Clark from "Mike In The Morning" made a phone call to the Ambassador from Kenya. The ambassador did not help Obama in this interview. Seemingly, the Ambassador agrees with the conspiracy theorists (Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, Alan Keyes, and others) that indeed Obama was born in Kenya. Much can be said in regards to whether or not the Kenyan Ambassador really understood the questions or implications of his responses but the fact can not be changed that the Kenyan Ambassador said Obama was born not in Hawaii but rather Kenya. Courtesy of Stuck On Stupid here is a video confirming the call to Peter Ogego the Kenyan Ambassador:

Take this as well as the audio tape of Obama's paternal Grandmother saying she was present at the Kenyan Hospital to witness Obama's birth and there is circumstantial evidence Obama is not everything he says he is. This may be circumstantial evidence but when there are two witnesses (Grandma Obama and Peter Ogego) stating Obama was born in Kenya it definitely leads one to question why Obama is hiding his vault copy of his birth certificate. There are at least two cases before the US Supreme Court regarding Obama's eligibility. Additionally, there will probably be a third from Alan Keyes. I have heard all I need to from the Obama supporters. They keep stating that the short form birth certificate proves Obama was born in Hawaii. They use the claim from Hawaii Department of Health that they have seen the "Vault copy" and it exists and that the short form discloses what is always disclosed on the short form. However, they never came out said "Obama was born in Honolulu". Now the State officials can not say more than they have without Obama's permission. But of course Obama refuses because he is hiding something.

Another question is the registration for the selective service. Debbie Schlussel offers compelling evidence that Obama may not have legally registered for the selective service as required. It seems as though Obama may have used a form not in existence in 1980 when Obama was required to sign up. Additionally, the Document Location Number may be one from 2008 rather than 1980. Now Obama claims that he once considered joining the military but now it seems he did not register as required.

Now we also now close to nothing regarding the Obama college years. The university claims it has misplaced or lost Obama's thesis paper. Obama refuses to release any of the records regarding his attendance. We do not have any records that he even actually attended these colleges or for that matter how. There are rumors that Obama may have received "foreign Student" allowances and scholarships. This falls in line with the claim that Obama may not be a "natural born" citizen. Obama has provided nothing in the form of documentation in regards to his credentials. Obama is a hollow man with no resume. Obama continues hiding his past.

The Supreme Court must enforce the constitution. We the people deserve the highest law of the land to be upheld. The media neglected to objectively vet Obama and allowed him to receive a pass on the normal scrutiny a candidate receives. We as Americans know more about a relative unknown private citizen "Joe the Plumber" than we know about the President elect. Obama is shrouded in mystery. The courts must now act and uphold our laws. Obama must be forced to answer the "Natural Born" question. Revealing Obama birth records may shed even more light on the hollow man. Eventually, everyone will know exactly what it is Obama is hiding. For now, suffice it to say Obama has not proved his eligibility to become President of the United States.

Four Ohio STASI wanna-bes Disciplined

The disturbing case of Ohio state employees using state (taxpayer) owned computer resources to perform a STASI type investigation of a private citizen has resulted in disciplinary action. Governor Ted Strickland previously ordered Helen Jones-Kelly, director of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, be punished with  a one month unpaid suspension for illegally ordering a record search on Joe Wurzelbacher, "Joe the Plumber".

Assistant director Fred Williams will be placed on a two week unpaid suspension, deputy director Doug Thompson received a four week unpaid suspension. Two more low level department employees will receive written reprimands, and all of the above must attend ethics training on the handling of confidential information.

Very light punishments for such a severe violation of public trust. Agencies, both state and federal, have access to numerous data bases that contain information on American citizens. We trust that the people employed by these agencies will not use that access to information for personal gain or to satisfy vendettas against citizens of the United States. Ms. Jones-Kelley has demonstrated not only that she is completely devoid of ethics, but she has shown that she feels empowered to use her position as a vehicle to satisfy personal grudges against private citizens. Such a blatant misuse of power cannot go unpunished, and a one month suspension just is not enough. Jones-Kelly, by ordering the illegal records search, not only put her own job in jeopardy, but she showed a complete disdain for the welfare of her employees by ordering them to comply with her illegal request. Such a person cannot be allowed to maintain a position of authority.

Helen Jones-Kelley should be fired immediately, and if not fired, she should be summarily demoted to a position where she no longer has any authority or access to confidential information. Her co-conspirators should also be removed from their present jobs and placed in similar positions. All five of these state employees have proven through their actions that they can no longer be trusted.

Enough of the STASI tactics...get rid of these people, they are a disease.

Shumer Suggests Another $500-$700 Billion Stimulus

Senator Shumer suggested this morning that we needed another $500-$700 billion stimulus package. This is a bad idea. The government already passed a stimulus package that cost $152 billion last Spring that accomplished absolutely nothing. The government already passed a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry. The government has already passed extended unemployment benefits, $25 billion for the auto industry, how much more is the government willing to waste.

Pelosi and Reid will not allow the auto industry to utilize the $25 billion already allocated. Instead Pelosi and Reid would rather pass another $25-50 billion bailout. Pelosi and Reid would rather pander to their constituents (environmentalists for the original $25 billion and Union Bosses for the other $25-$50 billion) than fix the problems that ail the American economy. Deflation is a problem caused by the Democrats.

By forcing the financial institutions to finance high risk loans to people that should never have received a loan, a real estate bubble was formed. The were more buyers than sellers and the price of homes was inflated. Now that we have more sellers than buyers the price of homes is decreasing accordingly. Like any investment a house is a long term investment. We should not be worried about short term valuations but long term valuations. The price of homes will rebound but first we need to rid the system of the bad mortgages.

America does not need more deficit spending. Our national debt is unbelievable. All we are doing is passing our bills on to the future generations. Our materialistic society has indebted the future. Tomorrow's grand children will be forced to reconcile the books. Today's Americans are incapable of keeping their house in order. In the near future America will be bankrupt. America has not balanced the books in a generation. No Bill Clinton did not balance the budget, he raided the Social Security administration. The burden of social security entitlements will soon overwhelm the ability of our government to borrow and pay off its obligations and entitlements.

We need to reduce the size of government. We can not keep increasing the size of government, keep deficit spending at current levels, and keep increasing entitlements while hoping for a different result. The elitists in our government are the problem. They will keep taxing and spending our futures away. Obama's stance have higher taxes and higher deficit spending bankrupt America. Should the additional $500-$700 billion stimulus become reality Obama's first year deficit will be almost twice as much as Bush's last year deficit.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama Promises 2.5 Million Jobs

That sexy President-elect Barack Obama has devised an economic stimulus package that he says will produce 2.5 million jobs by 2011. Mr. Obama stated in his Saturday radio address that the US is “…facing an economic crisis of historic proportions."

Maybe if the Democrats had not demanded that banks give mortgages to people who were clearly not qualified, the wheels would not have come off of our economy. The lizard has learned through anonymous sources in the Obama camp that he is going to create a new cabinet position, Secretary of Entitlements. The new “SECENT” will insure that home loans, car loans, furniture loans, and anything else he can think of, will be taken over by the government. The United States will be divided up into Entitlement Districts, much like Congressional districts. Each district will have a staff of Entitlement Agents whose sole job is to hand out entitlements, like cars and homes.

After the government buys out defaulted home loans, the Department of Entitlement will give the homes away to people. Sound like a great idea? Maybe, until you learn that the taxpayers, whose money the government used to buy the homes, are now required to pay rent in the form of an “entitlement tax”, of the course the people occupying these homes are exempt from this tax because they are [entitled]. A car is also included, in fact one for every two drivers in the entitlement house, this will cause what is known as “entitlement stacking” where as many as twenty people occupy a single dwelling in order to live for free and get more cars. Naturally the entitlement tax will also be used to pay for tax, tags, auto insurance and those pesky electricity, water and garbage bills.

Now here’s the bad news, some, but not all, of the entitled will be required to work [the 2.5 million jobs dummy]. Most will be employed as Entitlement Agents, valiantly defending the right to entitlements. The rest will form Obama’s own version of the Brownshirts. The Civilian Defense Force (CDF)… charged with valiantly defending those who valiantly defend the right to entitlements.

[Note to readers: Does it terrify you that Obama is against personal gun ownership, wants to cut the defense budget, but talks about forming a domestic quasi- military force comprised of armed civilians with the budget and equipment equivalent to our armed forces?] But I digress.

Here’s more good news, the entitled are required to unionize, they will form the Union of Entitlement Recipients, or the UER. The UER will immediately make demands for more benefits and less work. The CDF will naturally support these demands because they are all union members, and let’s not forget, they are heavily armed civilians that fall under the SECENT, not the SECDEF. The “less work more pay” strategy of the UER will result in taxpayer subsidy of college tuition, health care, and any other expenses that are incurred by the entitled.

We still don’t know who the Secretary of Entitlements will be, have any ideas? I’m thinking Michelle Obama.

Have a nice day…you’re entitled to it.

MSM: Whining About The Number Of Blogs

Michael Kinsley has a "Time" article named "How Many Blogs Does The World Need". This article entails the thoughts of a disenfranchised biased Journalist. The Whining starts right away claiming the sheer number of Blogs is "Oppressive".

Kinsley whines that blogs are ruining the fun of scooping other news organizations. There are just to many bloggers that he has to compete with in order to get a story out before the next person. Bloggers have made an impact and are forcing the pathetic pawns to actually do their s jobs. For Years, America has been spoon fed the news cycle. The pathetic pawns were able to simply scoop a story and spin the story to fit their liberal views.

Now bloggers are raising the bar. Bloggers are influencing the news in ways the pathetic pawns never imagined. Bloggers influence opinion and influence the news cycle. Without bloggers this year Americans would never have heard about "Joe the Plumber". The fraud committed by ACORN would never have been brought to light. The "surge" which brought about the chance for victory would have been simply never reported. The little that was reported on the successful surge was a direct result of bloggers.

Now we can see what type of Blogs Michael Kinsley follows as he lists only left leaning blogs and blogs that cater to the young impressionable voters. Even when whining the pathetic pawns show their bias. There is a reason for the expansion of blogs. The reason is that people want to ensure the objective truth is reported on. Bloggers from the left and the right are simply sick and tired of having their news run through the MSM spin cycle before it is reported on. This article in "Time" is just another example of the dying MSM. The pathetic pawns did it themselves but they still feel they should whine about it. The MSM is an elitist institution. The elitist do not like the fact that commoners can also communicate. In many cases the amateur writers and bloggers outperform the pathetic pawns and have more credibility than the pathetic pawns. Bloggers from all walks need to keep pressing. Sooner or later the pathetic pawns will simply go the way of the dinosaur. Good Riddance.

Card Check Will Ruin America's Industrial Base

The Employee Free Choice Act is a Union Scheme to force more unions on America. Union membership has been in decline Since the 1970's and the Democrats are losing a large portion of the base. The Card Check bill will not have each auto manufacturing facility competing on the same field, it will eliminate facilities from the playing field that will in turn eliminate jobs. This card check bill is bad for America and would ruin our industrial base.

The UAW has destroyed Detroit's ability to compete. UAW workers receive on average $73 per hour in pay and compensation while foreign manufacturers such as Honda and Hyundai compensate their workers on average $43 per hour. Proponents of the card check bill say it will allow unionization of Honda and Hyundai plants in the South. However, when direct labor rates increase the foreign manufacturers will move their facilities out of the country. The card check bill will further erode our ability to compete in a global market.

The card check bill will be another nail in the coffin of the Industrial revolution in America. Unions are as much a part of the auto industry demise as is auto company management. Yet the UAW backed by the likes of Barney Frank in the Democrat led Congress are unwilling to renegotiate their contracts. Instead they want to force their Unions on everyone which will further erode our ability to compete.

The auto makers traveled to Washington last week to beg for a bailout. They showed up with no plan to reform and remain solvent and competitive in the future. The UAW President stated that his union was not responsible for the industry debacle. We have bailed out this industry in the past. How many times are the tax payers going to bail out an industry that refuses to clean up its act? The internal stakeholders steadfastly refuse to reform yet beg at the government trough. The American outrage at the audacity of the CEO's of the big three prevented Congress from handing over $25 billion in additional funding to bailout a failed industry.

We must not allow our sympathies to bailout the auto industry. We must stand for what is right and force these companies to compete or die on the vine. The threat of 2.1 million jobs lost is exactly that; A threat. These companies and the union allow workers to receive and benefits for producing nothing. Never did the unions or industry invest in future technology or education programs to either expand their base or make their workers competitive in other markets.

This Card Check bill will not level the playing field. It will increase unemployment and destroy what is left of the industrial base. Unions are outdated. The Unions are still living in the 1930's. They refused to reform and keep up with the changing times. Now the Unions and the Democrats rant that American jobs are being farmed out overseas. The Unions and Democrats rant that free trade is bad because other countries are not as favorable to unions. This is probably true. However, our unions have taken us out of the competition. Bailing out the auto industry and enacting card check may extend the life of these companies and unions but instead of having a quick relatively painless death it will be a long drawn out painful death. Neither of these proposals resolve any of the underlying issues. All they do cater to a democratic constituency. Let card Check fail and refuse to bailout the auto industry. Only by allowing these companies to fail will allow them to realize their errors and reform in a manner that will bring them the competitiveness they require to be an effective business.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama: Lacks Judgment and Common Sense

Obama decided to lean on the Clinton era for selections to his cabinet posts. One of these picks is a prime example of Obama's lack of judgment and commonsense. Eric Holder is the likely nominee for Attorney General. This the the same Eric Holder that defended the action of Janet Reno in taking Elian Gonzalez ( 8 years old) from his home at gun point. In fact Holder says the agents acted sensibly. This is the same Eric Holder that secured a pardon for Marc Rich. Rich was a convicted of tax evasion and illegally making deals with the Iranians during the Iran hostage crisis.

Eric Holder represents everything that was wrong with the Clinton administration. Janet Reno was a failure in the Clinton administration as Attorney General. Eric Holder is here on video defending the actions of taking an eight year old from his house at gun point. This selection is an outrage. Holder defended the actions of the failed Attorney General in the Clinton Administration.

This pick is not change. This pick is a blast from the past. Holder is a Washington insider. Holder will take us back to Justice Department of "Jack Booted" Federal Agents. Waco and Elian Gonzalez are not the best of the Clinton Era but rather the scandalous parts of the Clinton Era. The only change Obama represents is which political party will receive corruption money from the Nation's elitists.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barney Frank: Bailout Required To Fend Off Union Busting

Barney Frank says a bailout of the automakers is a must. Frank also goes on to say the $25 billion is just the down payment and much more taxpayer money will be required to ensure Union labor is guaranteed the UAW average of $73/hour in wages and benefits. Obviously Mr. Frank does not understand that one of the main reasons US auto makers are unable to compete is direct labor costs that are 70% higher than their competitors.

Mr. Frank says corporations should not go bankrupt because it would undo the gains made by unions. Herein lies the real issue. American automakers are not competitive. Japanese automakers consistently outperform the big three in quality and quantity. One of the real reasons for the Japanese automakers better quality and quantity is labor rates. Japanese automakers pay approximately $43 per hour for wages and compensation while the Big Three pay $73 per hour. This $30 per hour direct labor cost advantage allows the Japanese to invest in quality and efficiencies. The efficiencies reduce other costs which allows the Japanese to make better use of the resources. The higher quality allows the Japanese automakers to sell more vehicles.

A taxpayer bailout is not the answer without mandatory renegotiation of labor contracts. The US auto industry can not afford to continuously over pay union workers. The answer for the auto industry is bankruptcy. They need to redefine their business practices and become far more efficient. Bailing them out is nothing more than a sign that the Big Three can do whatever they want because the American taxpayer will always be there to bail them out. A message needs to be sent to both the management and unions that mismanagement of a corporation does not warrant American taxpayer money. We can not reward the failed business practices of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the UAW. All of them are complicit in the failure of their industry.

The automakers displayed their lack of judgment by utilizing private jets to carry them to Washington DC in an effort to beg the Congress to feed them Taxpayer funds. The impending bankruptcy is of little concern when CEO comfort is at stake. Mr. Frank please explain why the American taxpayer should bailout companies and Unions that don't care enough about their corporations to cut frivolous costs. Please explain why Unions should not be renegotiating their contracts. Obviously neither industry management nor labor really cares about the business. If the internal stakeholders don't show concern why should the taxpayers?