Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Silence is Deafening

Last year the media reported extensively on Iraq. All the news revolved around the failed policies of the current administration concerning Iraq. We heard daily about the atrocities being committed and the US was involved in a civil war. We heard that America was losing and that the war could not be won. We heard this everyday and every evening for the entire year. The Republicans lost control of both chambers of the legislature in large part because of the media focus on Iraq war effort.

The Democrats were outright excited at the prospects of not only winning the 2006 election but also turning the impending withdrawal from Iraq into even more gains in the Congress and perhaps even turning the executive body. The democratic party was going to force American troops to surrender and the US was going to have to admit defeat. Most of the democratic leadership was willing to force a surrender to the extremist in order to win elections. The democratic party was willing to sell out America in order to gain power. All through this summer all the media would play is how the surge had failed and there was no way America could win. The democratic party would not even condemn a liberal organization for slandering an American soldier. Moveon.ORG used a preemptive strike in the New York Times accusing an American General of Betraying our country. The Democratic Party just knew Iraq would carry them through 2008 and beyond.

However, since the report to Congress by General Petraus there has been very little news out of Iraq. We no longer hear daily about sectarian violence. We no longer hear AlQuaeda has control of major provinces in the country. We no longer hear how we are involved in a war America can not win. The media has refused to report on anything out of Iraq. We no longer have the daily polls showing how disgusted the Americans are with the war effort. Where is all of the news? Why is the media not reporting?

I believe the surge is working. While the political process is slow in moving on a National level in Iraq there has been political movement at a grass roots level in Iraq. Local Iraqis and Tribal leaders are forming coalitions and are actively participating in the political process and are determining a way forward for their own country. Violence in Iraq has declined dramatically. The death toll in Iraq has declined. US soldier losses in OCT and NOV have been the lowest since the beginnings of the war. Sensational attacks have declined. Al Queda is on the run. The political process is taking hold at the local level but yet our MSM will not report on it.

The developments in Iraq show the problem with the democratic party. The Democrats believe only big federal government can fix the problems of a nation. Only by socializing everything and using an entire village will make the democrats happy. The problem is that local problems need to taken care of locally. It is the grass roots that are innovative and will work the issues to ground. Iraq has demonstrated that it does not take a big government. It only takes a local grassroots effort to resolve local issues which will unite a nation.

America is a divided country. We need to come together at a grassroots level and take responsibility for our actions. We will then be able to come together locally and fix the problems. What will emerge is a Nation that is united with a National government that will again become a government of the people by the people. We need to take our government back. This all starts one person at a time. As individuals come together and form a group and issues are fixed and more people are taken under the umbrella we will be able to rid ourselves of corrupt career politicians. The career politicians are interested in lining their own pockets and forcing their ideas onto the American Public. It should be the other way around. We need to tell the government what to do. After all it is our government. It needs to be brought back home and again be a government for the people.

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