Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary is The Mother of All Hypocrites

You know things are getting tough for Hillary when even staunch Clinton supporters like the New York Times [blog] report on her face-to-face apology to Barack Obama. Clinton and her campaign personnel have stated that she knew nothing about the comments made by campaign organizer Bill Shaheen concerning Obama’s teenage drug use. This might be a bit more believable if she had not already attacked Obama over a story he wrote in kindergarten. It’s hard not to look desperate when you are cloaked in desperation.

TIME also ran a report on "The Apology". If Hillary is upset, it's probably for one of two reasons;
A. The media and public opinion have both reacted negatively to this latest smear tactic, (her plan backfired and the MSM no longer rubber stamp her actions).
B. She wanted to save this particular tactic for later in the primary race, Shaheen in a fit of sycophantic exuberance, jumped the gun on a pre-approved plan.

It is hard to imagine that in Clinton's tightly controlled campaign, anyone would dare issue such a statement without the candidate's approval.

Update: Bill Shaheen has resigned from his NH campaign position for Team Clinton.

Clinton spokesman, Howard Wolfson, has resurrected an old claim that Obama operated a slush fund he used to grease palms in important primary states. Clinton operatives floated this rumor in the past but it didn’t gain any traction so they dropped it. Now that the Hillary Machine is beginning to misfire, Wolfson has dug it up again. Funny they should speak of violating campaign finance laws…remember Norman Hsu, how many more like him are contributing to the Clinton campaign? One of Hillary’s biggest problems with throwing mud is that she is guilty of almost every impropriety that has been leveled against her opponents…including, I’m sure, recreational drug use.

Next debate, I’d like to hear this question;

“Senator Clinton, if elected President, do you promise to return everything you stole from the White House the first time?”

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