Sunday, November 4, 2007

Victim for President

Hillary Clinton has decided she is incapable of winning the next presidential election without whining she is a victim. Hillary has been the victim of the vast right wing conspiracy. Now it seems Hillary is the victim of the boys club. Hillary has stated an all women college is what made her tough enough to stand up and break through the glass ceiling. Hillary will be the one to ensure women are fairly represented. Hillary is "your girl".

Hillary Clinton's platform seems to only have two planks. The first plank is the "I'm your girl" plank. The second plank is the "I am a victim" of the all boys club. Everything is great when Hillary attacks Barack Obama and calls him inexperienced or naive. However, when someone calls her experience into question it is nothing more than a bully picking on someone less fortunate. The undertone of the Hillary platform is that America may not be ready for a women President. Hillary portrays herself as an underdog. The underdog role will get her sympathy vote. Politics in America have really reached the bottom of the barrel when an elected politician believes playing the victim and sympathy votes can win elections.

When Americans consider voting for Hillary simply because she is a female we will have lost our country. Voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman is no better than voting against Hillary because she is a woman. Both are wrong and should not be tolerated. America needs to tell Hillary to run for President on merit and ideas. We do not want a President that plays the victim. Does Hillary believe the leaders of foreign countries will give her a break because she is a woman? What is Hillary going to do when foreign leader calls her abilities in question? Is she going to stand there and let the world know America will not stand for Bullies? Or will she run away and hide?

This whole game of playing the helpless victim is sickening. Hillary is no more a victim than anyone else. She was born with a silver spoon and has been an opportunist her whole life. She has not had to endure the trials and tribulations of Average Americans. We can not lose sight of the facts. Hillary is not a victim. Hillary is skilled politician that is playing the victim game in order to win an election. She is hopeless. If Hillary can't stand questions regarding her abilities and capabilities she needs to seek other employment. Hillary can not win this election without playing the victim. Her negatives are way too high. In what should be shaping up as another democratic sweep Hillary can not get 50% in any of the polls. She has been going up and down averaging about 46% of the vote. Most polls show that over 50% of the populous will not vote for her. This is not because she is a victim. Rather it is due to her polarizing nature and her socialist ideals. Hillary complaining that she is being picked on and playing the victim card only goes to show that Hillary is unready to lead a nation. The world is real and the world is not fair. We need a true leader that will guide the nation down an uncertain path. We need strength at the helm and not a victim that is only in it for some self serving need.

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