Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disenfranchised Voters

The democratic republic that is America is being torn apart at the seams. The two major political parties are making a mockery of the process. The Democratic party has punished the State of Florida for moving its primary election up into the month of January. The Democratic party sought out and received pledges from presidential candidates not to campaign and spend money in states that do not follow their arcane rules. All democratic candidates made this pledge with the exception of Hillary Clinton and she will do anything to become president. The republicans have now joined the fray. The Republican party is punishing five states by slashing 50% of the convention delegates from states not following the Party's wishes.

Whatever happened to "for the people, by the people"? Does the American political establishment care so little for the people they represent? The people have a right to be heard. The primary process needs to be fair. The party establishments should not be disenfranchising voters simply because it does not fit into their schedule. Punishing states because they do not follow party rules is absurd. The voters of the States should control the process and not the party establishments.

The political parties are manipulating the system in an effort to determine the nominee on the parties terms and not the electorates terms. The party has manipulated the system in an effort to have the nominee selected shortly after super Tuesday. This allows the candidates to use funds for the general election that are to be used solely for the purpose of gaining the nomination in the primary process. This practice of manipulating the primaries and disenfranchising the electorate must be stopped. The career politicians no longer realize that it is a privilege to serve America. The career politicians believe it is a birthright. The career politicians are loyal to their party and not the voting constituents. The American voter needs to punish career politicians and throw all of them out of office. We are becoming a country where a ruling class (read majority party) is in power with a opposition party. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned. The founding fathers did not want a strong ruling class. They envisioned a political system that was truly for the people. We have to take back our government and rid ourselves of the parasitic career politicians.

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