Thursday, October 4, 2007

What The Hell Is Wrong With People In California?

First the Marine Silent Drill Team was barred from filming a recruiting video on a street in San Francisco, and then on September 27th a chartered North American Airlines jet carrying Marines from Kuwait back to their home base in Hawaii was not allowed to deplane at the Oakland International Airport terminal. The 200 plus Marines were forced to wait out on the tarmac for hours without access to any facilities. This while friends and relatives of some of the returning Marines were inside the terminal hoping to see their loved ones during the two hour refueling stop. The incident was reported by one of the Marines via e-mail.

The Marine told lawmakers that when they asked why they were not allowed inside the Oakland airport, "they gave us some lame excuse that we hadn't been screened by [Transportation Security Administration]."

Airport authorities claim it was a security matter, because weapons were on board, even though the Marines had previously landed at JFK and waited in the passenger terminal while refueling. The passengers were screened by the Customs Bureau upon landing in New York from overseas. According to a TSA spokesman, that was sufficient;

Christopher White, TSA spokesman, said the troops were screened by U.S. Customs Bureau officials and that no additional screening by TSA is ever required.

"In no way did we prohibit those soldiers and Marines from being in the sterile area at Oakland. There is no difference in our eyes on this flight or any other airline flight from JFK to Oakland. They are absolutely allowed to go into the sterile area," Mr. White said.

So if the TSA didn’t bar these Marines from entering the terminal who did? Was it some activist member of the Airport Authority, or do the geniuses employed by Oakland Airport somehow consider New York a foreign city? This does not appear to be an isolated incident at Oakland International Airport either. The Transportation Department Inspector General has been asked to investigate.

Why do so many of these uber-liberal Pelosi-ites vigorously demand full rights and benefits for criminals and illegal aliens (redundant), yet seek out every opportunity to debase and humiliate the courageous men and women of our Armed Services? They certainly seem to appreciate the military when they need the Coast Guard to save them or when the National Guard is helping to stop a wildfire from consuming their over-priced homes. I can only hope that those responsible are identified and publicly subjected to the scorn they so richly deserve.

One side note; weapons on board a charter military flight in layover status are secured inside the aircraft by members of the unit and are never carried into a civilian passenger terminal. Ammunition is not transported on these flights…especially when returning to the non-hostile [?] United States.

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