Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Senile Leader of the Left

Former President Jimmy Carter calls Dick Cheney a disaster. Jimmy Carter is a one term former president that allowed Iran to take 66 hostages in 1979. Iran held these hostages for 444 days. The President's only response was the ill fated Operation Eagle Claw. The failed military operation was directly caused by the systematic dismantling of the American military under the Carter administration. President Carter governed with a 70% marginal tax rate, 22% interest rates, and 16% inflation rates. President Carter created an energy crisis in the late 1970's with his "malaise" speech. Hard Working middle class Americans were forced to endure waiting in lines for hours just to fill up their automobiles. Finally, who could forget the failed grain embargo and boycott of the 1980 Olympics against the Soviet Union.

America was forced to endure a long four year display of pure ineptitude. American Foreign Policy was a joke, the economy was a disaster, and diplomacy was at its lowest point in history. Back in May the former President claimed the current President to be the worst ever. Now he says the current Vice President is a disaster. Indeed it would take a senile incompetent to forget the truest disaster of American history. Jimmy Carter has committed the cardinal sin of former presidents. There is an unspoken code between former presidents. Former presidents historically do not call out the current administration. Mr. Carter please return home. America has thanked you for your service however your services are no longer required or accepted. Your actions and words have disgraced your country. Mr. Carter you are a disgrace and will always be the worst President in American History. Please take your legacy and go home. America is tired of your failures.

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