Friday, October 5, 2007

Durham-In-Wonderland Winds Down

In his latest blog entry, Professor KC Johnson has announced that he will be going to a weekly, rather than daily posting schedule. Anyone who followed events in the Duke Lacrosse case will know that KC’s blog was required reading not only for those of us across the internet, but also for many of the individuals personally involved in the case. This list includes defense attorneys, family members of the accused, the accused themselves, and even the contemptible Mike Nifong himself. In an e-mail received from KC, I learned that Mr. Nifong had an assistant print out the daily editions of DIW and put it on his desk every morning. This was most likely a depressing read for Mike.

The DIW blog provided a daily sanity check to readers about events happening in Durham during the 18 months this travesty of justice lasted. Johnson used this forum to expose Nifong’s political motivations, his gross mishandling of the case from day one, the illegal photo lineup, and the complicity of the Durham police department and city government in the rush to judgment that could have resulted in putting three innocent young men behind bars for decades.

The blog dissected events, explored and explained the facts of the case, and made it clear to any objective reader that the three accused were being railroaded by an out of control DA and incompetent local officials to appease race baiters and win an election for Nifong. It became evident through DIW more than any other case coverage that Nifong clearly knew he had no case but was more than willing to sacrifice innocent men to advance his career. The sociopath DA only needed to avoid a change of venue and get these suspects in front of a Durham jury…the racially charged atmosphere would do the rest. DIW aided greatly in preventing this disastrous outcome.

KC also took on the Group of 88 Duke Professors and exposed their repulsive “Listening Statement” for what it was…a lie filled screed created only to divide and enrage citizens and to promote their own agenda on race/class/gender relations that had absolutely nothing to do with the rape allegations. He showed them to be cowardly opportunists, and in some cases, outright racists. DIW examined the academic background and teaching practices of many of these activist professors and the results should cause many parents to think twice about sending a child to Duke University.

The blog was a kill zone for biased media coverage of the case. Johnson took aim at everyone from Duff Wilson of the New York Times, to CNN’s despicable Nancy Grace. KC attacked the often slanted and inaccurate reporting with facts and logic, providing a much needed counter balance to the misguided sensationalism of the main stream media.

The true victims of this judicial nightmare are the accused players and their families, but Duke University can also be counted as a victim. This case illustrated how activist faculty in a university with little or no oversight can erode the foundation of an institution. Hiding behind racial identity, these outspoken professional victims are developing some highly questionable curricula that only serve to advance their own race/victim based agenda. Disturbingly evident at Duke is the fact that many of these faculty members, because of their victim mentality, harbor deep seated feelings of resentment and dislike for a large part of the student body they were hired to educate. Unfortunately Duke President Richard Brodhead lacks both the courage and competence to confront these issues. This is diversity run amok and Duke is suffering because of it.

There are certainly other outstanding blogs covering the Duke Lacrosse case. Liestoppers, John-in-Carolina, Friends of Duke University, just to name a few. However DIW was there at the beginning and in my opinion no other blog offered the same in-depth reporting of events. This includes the detailed background profiles of most of the major figures in the case, and Johnson’s uncanny ability to obtain information about the case, and then present it in clear, well written manner. I still feel that Johnson had a much better understanding of events than Nifong or his police cohorts.

Thank you KC for your excellent work in this effort, I can’t wait until Amazon sends me your book.

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