Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to the Criminals

Sandy Berger is an advisor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign for president. Hillary obviously sees no issue with the fact that Sandy stole highly classified documents. Hillary is not worried that Sandy does not have a security clearance. In fact Sandy is not even eligible to apply for a security clearance until at least September 2008. Sandy Berger is on the Hillary team as a Foreign Policy specialist. In the event that Hillary were to win the Democratic nomination it is expected that she will be receiving classified briefings and reports on US foreign policy. Yet her senior foreign policy advisor is not allowed to receive these briefings. Does that mean Hillary will circumvent the laws and risk National Security in an effort to bring back days of the first Clinton presidency? Is Hillary that deviod of National Security expertise that she would risk everything on a criminal that has already been found guilty of stealing and destroying documents? I find it odd that Hillary would condone such illegal activities.

Hillary has attempted to cast her image as being an agent of change. Hillary often says she is the only one with the experience to change the ways of Washington. I find this laughable. Hillary is the Queen of earmarks. Hillary hires criminals. Hillary will pander to any group that will vote for her. Is this experience or manipulation? Is Hillary really ready to change America? Or is Hillary just going to change us back to the corruption and scandals of the first Clinton Presidency.

Hillary is right about one thing. It will take a village. An entire village will have to ensure her corruption does not again return to the Whitehouse. We can not allow this two-faced liar to again sell America out for a few votes. Her ties to corruption, her ties to the Chinese, and her ties to illegal activities must be stopped. This is a call for everyone to cast a pro America vote. This is a call to vote with a conscious and vote for anyone that will move America forward and not take us back to the days of the biggest American sellout ever.

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