Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where's the Outrage

There is a scandal brewing in the State of New Jersey. Corruption has hit the state after 12 people were arrested. The arrested include eleven public officials and one civilian. The scandal involves bribery. The eleven politicians are accused of taking cash payments ranging from $1,500 to $17,500. The cash payments were in exchange for influence in the letting of public contracts. The corruption in New Jersey politics is not what is new. New Jersey has a history of corrupt politicians. What is different is that this scandal is getting very little MSM new coverage.

The MSM has been trying to ignore this scandal. In the article 11 N.J. officials arrested on corruption the writer glosses over the fact that the eleven politicians were Democrats. For the last couple of years the MSM has focused on scandals in the Republican party. Larry Craig was a sex scandal, Jack Abramoff was a Republican activist, and David Vitter was another scandal. Everyone in the country knew about these scandals and knew the culprits were Republicans. The MSM has decided that it is unimportant to list party affiliation when a Democrat is the culprit but the party affiliation is extremely important when a Republican is the culprit. What a shame.

The shame is that the MSM does not care about scandal ridden career politicians. They seem to only care about Republican scandals. It sure appears as if the MSM is trying to push an agenda. Their agenda is to promote Democratic candidates and hide the corruption in the Democratic Party at the expense of the Republican Party. The MSM needs to be fair and unbiased and provide Americans with the true nature of American politics. The truth of the matter is that America's career politicians are corrupt. They take the oath of office and make a career instead of taking the oath and moving the country forward. America needs an independent grassroots effort that prevails. The independents have to do more then scare the major political parties. The independent movement needs to put forward candidates that can win elections and start moving America forward. Just switching political alliances from one party to another is not working. The same career politicians win year after year.

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