Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mr. Schumer you are wrong.......

The Republicans today are touting the tough stance they took in forcing Senator Larry Craig to resign. Larry Craig is a despicable person that betrayed the trust of residents of Idaho. Larry Craig admitted guilt and took a plea deal. Larry Craig was dealt with quickly. The so called scandal ridden Republican Party displayed leadership and rid themselves of a Senator that was ineffective. However, Senator Charles Schumer took a cheap swipe of the Republicans and said "What the American people are looking for is not a blame game, but who is trying to clean it up," Schumer said. "For six years, there was no ethics reform.". I have news for you Mr. Schumer the Republicans have shown they are willing to rid the party of corrupt career politicians that believe they are above the law. What has the Democratic Party done? Congressman William Jefferson has been indicted and likely will be taken to prison and yet he is still sitting in Congress. I have not even seen as much as a censure resolution come up regarding this ineffectual congressman. What about Congressman Jack Murtha; Mr. Schumer? Jack Murtha earmarked $1 million for a company that does not exist which should be investigated for money laundering. Jack Murtha earmarked more pork than other congressman. Much of this earmarked money goes to his campaign contributors and essentially provides "no bid" government contracts for his friends and contributors. Jack Murtha is one of the main culprits for ethics reform. However, the final bill in ethics reform ensures that this dirty earmark business will continue on. What about Alan Mollohan; Mr. Schumer? It appears the FBI is investigating him for profiting from over $.5 Billion ear marks that went to his non profit organizations. What about Hillary Clinton? She is involved in a lawsuit involving illegal campaign contributions. It seems Hillary violated federal election laws when she knowingly had Peter Paul set up a fundraiser called event 39 or the Hollywood Gala.

Today Mr. Schumer you claimed to have returned contributions from Mr. Hsu. You know this is an outright lie. Hillary received over $1 million from Mr. Hsu and only "returned" $23,000. This "returned" money was not even really returned. It was given to charity. While charity is a an honorable cause it seems rather disingenuous for a candidate to receive credit for charity donations when the donations are from questionable and probably illegal sources. Mr. Schumer you have it wrong. There is corruption in both political parties. Career politicians are often corrupted by our system. There is a difference though between the two parties. The Republican seem to rid their party of the most corrupt. The Democratic Party seems to raise their corrupt politicians to higher levels of Party Leadership. Jack Murtha is number three in the house leadership, Alan Mollohan is on the ethics committee, and Hillary Clinton is running for President. It seems that all that happened in 2006 was that the American people changed which party would have the opportunity to indulge in their corrupt activities. Mr. Schumer you are wrong. Very, very wrong.

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