Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Lunacy Left and Osama Bin Laden

Six short years ago America was attacked. The radical Islamists of the world declared war on America. Nineteen radicals betrayed their hosts and flew four commercial airliners into America's heart. Americans were instantly horrified and came to realization that terror had reached its shores. The Arab world cheered and celebrated the brazen attack on America. The obvious reaction initially was horror. True to American form though the citizens of this great nation would rally. Everyone became a patriot and supported the 3,000 plus victims. The date will live along side other infamous dates. Dates that include April 15, 1865, December 7, 1941, and November 22, 1963. These are dates that made Americans stop and think about what it is to be an American. Like the previous dates, September 11, 2002, is a date that will be remembered by all. It is a date that shall not be forgotten. The horror of this day brought Americans together in a patriotic stance against the radical Islamists that would attempt to destroy the Nation.

However, in these six short years much of America seems to have forgotten the events that happened. Today, many "truthers" are stomping around hallowed ground claiming that the American Government attacked its own. The conspiracy theorists are claiming the terrorist attack on our country was a cover story to hide the truth. Even though the conspiracy myths have been debunked and proved to be false, they are still perpetuated by the media and the left wing bloggers. Instead of remembering the victims of the brazen attack these left wing conspiracy theorists would disrespect the hallowed ground. The theorists would disrespect the innocent victims rather then honor the victims and remember the day for the attack that occurred.

Last week Osama Bin Laden releases a video tape that many claimed was right out of the left wing playbook. The talking points seemed an awful lot like the left wing blogs and liberal politics of America. The Daily Kos even had the nerve to liken Osama Bin Laden to Ronald Reagan. One diarist attempts to make a hero out of Bin Laden. Basically, the diarists claims Bin Laden is a freedom fighter. The writer States "In short, bin Laden does not rail against the U.S. and other Western countries because they are "free," because they are "modern," because they are "Christian," or even because they purport to be "secular" (though he asserts that Americans would be more happy if they were to adopt Islam). He rails against them because of specific U.S. (and allied) policies--military, political, and economic--that he and his followers believe harm ordinary people in the Islamic World." This is a dangerous and naive viewpoint. This writer obviously lacks real world experience. This type of viewpoint is destroying the fabric that is America. This writer is elevating Bin Laden to hero status instead of the despicable coward that is Bin Laden.

The diarist must know that Bin Laden is no hero. Bin Laden is a man that will send young indigent Muslims to their suicidal death in the name of religion. Unfortunately, the goal of the Muslims is to convert everyone to their religion. Anyone that does not hold their values and practice their religion will be unceremoniously executed. The terrorists will not have peace until they rid the world of divergent views and religion. It really makes a person stop and think. How could our liberal left embrace Bin Laden as a hero when he would kill anyone that disagrees with his philosophy. Supposedly, Bin Laden ideals go against the very ideals the liberals say they believe in. What a shame that on a day of remembrance we would have the liberal left disrespecting American hero's all the while embracing an Arab terrorist.

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