Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Little Green House

The Democratic Party leads the Republican Party in fund raising this election cycle. The Main Stream Media has ensured their audience knows this fact and seems to push the idea that because the Democrats lead in the money race Americans should vote for them. However, upon closer analysis we find that convicted felons are some of the biggest fund raisers. Norman Hsu is a major contributor to both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton donated $23,000 to charity that was directly contributed to her campaign from Norman Hsu. However, Norman Hsu has raised over $1 million for her campaign. Mark Rich is another major campaign contributor for the Clinton campaign. Mark Rich is another convicted felon that received a back door last minute pardon from President Bill Clinton. What is it about the Democratic Party that they are magnets for high profile convicted white collar criminals?

This week a story broke in the MSM regarding Norman Hsu and a little green house in San Francisco. A family of six donated $200,000 in the last two years. The top money earner in the family makes under $50,000 per year. The MSM calls this questionable? This is an outrage. It is painfully obvious that these are illegal campaign donations. It is painfully obvious that Norman Hsu is funneling money through this family. Norman Hsu even once listed this house as his address.

Hillary Clinton also received political donation from Mark Rich. Now she plays up the victim and claims she did not know Norman Hsu is a Felony fugitive. What a shame. It has become painfully clear that this is another Clinton American sellout. Norman Hsu supposedly fled the US and returned to Hong Kong after pleading "No Contest" in a case of Grand Theft. He shows back up in the US and is able to donate large sums of cash and funnels money through a family of moderate means. Hillary Clinton expects the American people to believe there is no connection between the 1996 scandal involving the Clinton's and the Chinese foreign nationals and Norman Hsu and his Chinese connections. The Clinton Campaign has shown contempt for our campaign finance Laws and for the US public. Hillary should not be allowed to donate this to charity. By donating the illegal money Hillary looks good through illegal activity. This is an outrage that Hillary will illegally raise money and when caught provide limited donations to charity. Hillary needs to come clean, return the money to its source, and become responsible. The American voter needs to hold Hillary accountable and send her home; wherever that is.

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