Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's About Time

Jack Murtha has perhaps opened his mouth once to often. The irresponsible remarks Mr. Murtha made regarding the marines in Haditha has landed him in a lawsuit. Chris Matthews led the influential Congressman around like a lap dog and Jack Murtha fell into a diatribe of insults towards the marines in a failed attempt to tie war time atrocities to the President. Unfortunately, Jack Murtha sounded off without all of the facts. It seems after a full investigation all criminal charges against the marines have been dropped. The case against the marines has fallen apart. American citizens demand more out of their political leaders than being paraded around by the liberal media chanting the extremists mantra. The American public demands political leaders to be responsible. Jack Murtha has sprayed his venom around in an attempt to undermine the President. These are not the first remarks made by Jack Murtha that are irresponsible. Jack Murtha called the President a traitor, a deserter, and AWOL. Jack Murtha says things without proof in an attempt to further his corrupt career. It is now time for the Democrat leadership to follow the Republican leadership and purge this Congress of corrupt politicians. Republicans have forced Larry Craig to resign because of his despicable behavior. Now the Democratic leadership should call for the resignations of Jack Murtha, Alan Mollohan, and William Jefferson. All three of these lawmakers have disgraced themselves, the legislative body, and the United States of America.

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