Monday, September 3, 2007

Hillraiser Scandals

Hillary Clinton is busy presenting herself as a change agent that has the experience to work within the system. Hillary says she has always been an agent of change and will bring this attitude back to Washington. However, there is yet another scandal involving her fund raising. Mark Rich a convicted felon has contributed to her campaigns. Norman Hsu has donated thousands to her campaigns and bundled millions for the democratic party; this all the while a fugitive from justice. Bill Clinton was shocked that Mr. Hsu was a fugitive. Now there is yet another unscrupulous bundler for Hillary. Sant S. Chatwal is an Indian American businessman. Mr. Chatwal it seems refuses to pay his bills. The IRS has pursued this scoundrel for over $4 million. New York State has pursued him for over $5 million. Mr. Chatwal forfeited a building because of back taxes in New York City. Mr. Chatwal has even been sued because of a bank failure where he was a director. This irresponsible citizen is a good friend of none other than Bill Clinton. I am sure somehow Bill will say he is shocked that Mr. Chatwal can't seem to pay his bills even though Mr. Chatwal was out on bond in India in 2001 when Bill showed up in India.

Surely the Clinton machine has a vetting process that researches major contributors. There is a history of questionable fund raising conducted by previous Clinton campaigns. Seems the Democratic party in general and Hillary Clinton specifically draw a large number of white collar criminals. Mark Rich, Norman Hsu, and Sant Chatwal are criminals. President Clinton pardoned Mark Rich, Norman Hsu pleaded no contest for grand theft, and Sant Chatwal is a bankrupt tax evader. Are these the type of individuals that are going to be renting the Lincoln bedroom? The old saying is "birds of a feather flock together". It would appear that the Hillary flock is supported by the same criminals from the past. Is this the type experience we need in the US? Is this the change we need (a change back to the scandal ridden Clinton Presidency)? This is neither the change nor experience I want to see in the Whitehouse.

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