Friday, September 14, 2007

Headline Inaccuracy

The USA Today reported on the health of the economy today. The title of the Article was" Reports point to economic weakness; autos a bright spot". When I read the headline I believed there was economic data that would back up this headline. Instead what I found was mostly positive news about the economy. The reports out today said that retail sales were up. The article went on to say that industrial production was also up. The article went further and stated that the current account in trade was better and our trade deficit problems are improving. All this news pointing to an economy that is still growing. The economy may not be growing by leaps and bounds but it is still growing.

The only bad news was mixed reports on consumer confidence. A Reuters/University of Michigan survey says consumer sentiment increased from 83.4 to 83.8, but the article calls this flat and steady. Another report on consumer sentiment showed a decline in consumer confidence. Nothing in this reports shows that the economy is weakening. Consumer confidence is not necessarily a good way of judging the health of the economy. When an economy is growing and still searching for the inevitable peak before a decline this article is stating the economy is weak. Clearly the economic numbers showed further increases and positive news on the economy.

This irresponsible journalism is part of the problem with the economy. The MSM constantly berates the economy. The Media claims that the economy is not good. Every time a statistic about the economy is released the media spins the information into a negative. The media can not stand good news. This is an article that demonstrates the irresponsible MSM conducting yellow journalism. The headline leads the consumer to believe the economy is doing poorly. In reality the report shows predominately positive news and yet the propaganda media machine is proclaiming this as bad news. The writer (Martin Crutsinger) of this article and the editor of this newspaper should be fired. The right to free speech does not give the media the right publish propaganda designed to panic the American public. A panicked public is part of what caused the great depression. Is that what the media is trying to do now? Are they really trying to panic the public into crashing the American economy? If they do create a panic will they take responsibility for their action? Or will they take a cheap shot and run away? This article is not journalism. This article is propaganda designed to promote panic. This is just another example of why the MSM is viewed in a negative light. These types of erroneous headlines will certainly be a part of the demise of the MSM.

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