Saturday, September 1, 2007

Harry Reid Runs His Ship Aground

The winds of August have blown afoul for the Democrat’s “Surrender Now” cruise. Attempting to steer their way through murky political waters lacking a clear course or competent leadership, and using a broken compass their ship has hit the rocks and is quickly taking on water.

Captain Nancy, out on shore leave, left the helm to first mate Harry trusting him to navigate the “Surrender Now” garbage scow through treacherous waters and come home with a defeat for the US military in Iraq. But the first mate has proven himself a poor navigator…unable to read the currents of public opinion or the tide of events in Iraq until his ship had already run aground. Horrible Harry, Scourge of The Hill, has finally figured out it’s time to chart a new course before he loses his last shred of credibility.

Course miscalculations are nothing new to this desperate scow master. On April 19th Harry declared “…this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday”. He then set off on a journey that [he hoped] would end with the defeat and surrender of the US Armed Forces in Iraq. However, trying to navigate by the stars when you can’t see the sky often ends in disaster. The delusional first mate was sure of only one thing and steered his ship of fools with Nifong-esque certainty in that direction, defeat in Iraq is a victory for Democrats.

In April the surge of troops into Iraq was not yet complete, so judging it a failure at that point was extremely premature but the statements were part of his strategy for defeat. Throughout the summer Harry and shipmates like Crooked Jack (cabin boy and all-around stooge), maintained this misguided course until the polls, developments in Iraq and his complete failure to pass any troop withdrawal legislation conspired against him. The Patreaus Report, due in a few weeks also looms large on the scow’s horizon and Harry is worried that it may not be as bleak as he would prefer.

So after all his failed partisan attempts to attain a military defeat, Harry is now willing to work with members of the GOP on a troop withdrawal compromise. However with his credibility in tatters and the elections fourteen months away, he is not likely to find much traction on the GOP side.

Progress definitely needs to be made concerning the military presence in Iraq, but the unethical strategy of emboldening our enemies and discouraging our troops is not only a severe miscalculation, but as Harry found out, it is extremely damaging to one’s reputation. A United States Senator openly declaring the war is lost merely for political gain is a sickening sight, and one that should not be tolerated. The stench of his floundering scow has poisoned this congress and made it near impossible to accomplish any meaningful legislation regarding this war. Hopefully he will be increasingly marginalized and allow some real bi-partisan progress to occur. Harry Reid has proven himself a disgrace to his country, the people of Nevada, and the United States Senate.

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